Healing power of Reiki & how it helps?


When Rob Fellows was told his Springer Spaniel, Joe, was suffering from arthritis he knew what lay ahead. The thought of long-term medication combined with the agony of watching his normally lively dog gradually become less mobile was hard to accept. But when Rob was introduced to the healing properties of Reiki, he saw how he could potentially help Joe cope. Since then, he has helped many tailwaggers heal from pain.

Rob Fellows with Monty

Dogs displaying over-boisterous behaviour, or such conditions as fear of fireworks and other noise phobiascan also benefit from the immensely calming properties of Reiki but one the most common ailments that many older dogs suffer from is arthritis, as Rob Fellows explains, “Joe was 13 years old when he was diagnosed with arthritis and I remember my heart sinking as I heard the words from his vet. Joe’s condition required pain management and, in addition to the drugs he sometimes had to wear a special leather shoe to protect his foot when he dragged on the pavement.”


At that time, Rob was suffering from a back problem. “A friend suggested me to try Reiki to help with my back problem,” recalls Rob who lives in the picturesque town of Bridgnorth in England. “I began a series of sessions with a Reiki therapist and was amazed how this calm experience had such a dramatic affect on the back pain. After each session I felt that as Reiki was helping me so much I could complement the medication being prescribed by Joe’s vet, and it didn’t take me long to decide to learn Reiki for myself.”


After becoming ‘attuned’ (a simple process to release the natural ability to do Reiki) to first degree Reiki (Reiki 1), Rob completed Reiki 2 and then acquired heightened attunement as a Reiki Master. In his 15 years as a Reiki therapist Rob has been able to help many animals and people suffering from a wide range of physical and emotional problems such as back problems, trapped nerves, stress related illnesses and anxiety, often to support conventional medication.


Joe reacted well to Rob’s daily sessions of Reiki. The regular therapy proved beneficial to his inflamed joints and he was able to move around more easily. The main difference was Joe’s renewed interest in life and his surroundings. “He was no longer withdrawn and spending all day lying in his bed. It was great to see Joe physically able and interested in exercise again,” adds Rob. Joe was 15 when he passed.


How Reiki helps…
Reiki encourages the body’s own natural healing powers to be enhanced. By laying their hands on a client (animal or human), a therapist gently directs Reiki to the source of the problem and helps restore the body’s physical and emotional balance. It is simple to do, non-invasive and entirely natural which makes it an attractive complementary therapy.


Complement Reiki with treatment…
“All sick or injured animals should be seen by a vet and then Reiki can support whatever treatment their vet prescribes. It’s a therapy that dogs and pet parents can share and enjoy the benefits together,” says Rob. “It’s extremely rewarding to see a dog, or a person, who is suffering in some way to have their wellbeing improved.”


No side effects…
“You cannot overdose on Reiki and there are no harmful side-effects, it simply prompts the body’s own natural ability to heal itself,” assures Rob. “The essence of this type of therapy is to maintain the balance between a healthy mind and body and each session works at restoring or maintaining as the body requires.”


You can also give Reiki to your pooch…
“The great thing about Reiki is that everyone has the ability to give Reiki healing to their own dogs once they have been attuned to Reiki by a Reiki Master. Dogs respond very well to Reiki and actually ask for it once they know it’s available to them. My second dog Monty used to come up to me probably six times a day to get some Reiki!” he shares. “There are no miracle cures but anyone who is prepared to let Reiki into their life, will discover that it has the potential to ease physical and emotional pain in both people and pets,” concludes Rob.


(Rob Fellows is a qualified Reiki master based in Shropshire (England). To find out more about how to give Reiki to your dog, visit: www.RobFellowsReiki.com/reiki-for-dogs-home-study-course).