Meal Charts to be Avoided!


Sonya Kochhar Apicella
Giving your pet human food items like chips, ghee, and noodles will do a lot of harm. Don’t fall in the trap of their puppy eyes. Give them nutritious food.
–by Sonya Kochhar Apicella
It is only recommended to feed good quality balanced nutritious diet to our pooches. The pet parents of our guests come up with the following requests. Say ‘No’ to human food.
Here is a food chart for a Pug who eats one slice of bread in the morning, two rotis (with desi ghee) dipped in milk and he is hand fed along with one boiled egg cut into small pieces. He is then given biscuits in the afternoon and dog food and one roti dipped in milk in the evening. Next a GSD who has his meal chart of five slices of breads soaked in milk in the morning, followed by one boiled egg in the afternoon and in the evening, he eats two bread slices with Maggie noodles, chicken salami and chicken soup. And you thought soupy noodles are only your comfort food.  Another GSD eats four cups of dog food with one raw egg. She drinks diluted water with milk mixed as GSD doesn’t drink plain water! Here comes a Cocker Spaniel whose meal chart includes Dog food with roti, boiled egg with rice, cheese, cream and plain biscuits, and Lay’s chips as snacks. Now we know why Lay’s says no one can eat just once. Even our canine buddies love munching on chips (which is a big ‘NO’!’  In the meal chart of a Beagle, her pet parents feed her roti with white butter, vanilla ice-cream with dog food, paneer/cottage cheese, buttermilk, mango and roti or boiled potatoes, three to four times a day.  And an Indian mix gets to eat boneless chicken soup with salt and ginger garlic paste, mixed with rice, twice daily. Two mongrels have an elaborate meal chart that includes home cooked paranthas with butter, raw eggs, paneer, milk, chicken. All this is fed twice a day.  Spoiling them with he althy treats is okay, but not every day. You’d be doing more harm to your pet and it’ll only have detrimental effects on their health. Instead you can add a extra spoon of love to their food bowl!
(Sonya Kochhar Apicella is director at Canine Elite in New Delhi, a pet service company specialised in day boarding, training, grooming and adoption. For more info, log on to: