let’s groom a happy fun-in-the-sun pooch


Summers have set in… time for a dip in the pool, romp on a beach or just a simple long walk. Before you take your dog out, be aware that dogs too need protection for their skin, coat, eyes and ears from summer hazards. Here’s how to groom your pooch in summers.
Varsha Verma with Rocky
A well-groomed dog not only looks great, but also keeps his skin, coat, eyes and ears safe from summer hazards. Here’s how to groom your pooch in summers:
Summer cut: If you have a long-haired dog, you can think of a summer cut. It will prevent knots and mats and make him look cool and stylish too. But do not shave your dog down to the skin as it can lead to sunburns. Besides, dog coats help in keeping warm in winters and cool in summers. It also protects him from harmful UV rays.
Check him thoroughly: Check your dog’s ears, eyes, coat, skin and paw pads regularly as they can attract ticks and fleas. Clean them properly using a soft cloth.
Brush him regularly: Brushing your dog’s coat help reduce shedding and keeping his coat soft and shiny.
Trim the nails: It is important to trim your dog’s nails on a regular basis as long nails may break, causing pain or injury.
Bathing is fun: We all love to bathe and dogs are no different. Bathe him when he looks dirty or smells. Use cool or lukewarm water. Avoid eyes and ears, rinse well and towel dry him after the bath. However, it is advised not to bathe him too often as it may strip away essential oil, leading to dry itchy skin.
Sunscreen for your dog: If you think your dog gets sunburned easily, make him wear summer clothes or use a dog-friendly sunscreen on his nose, paws, etc. Prevention is better than cure: Ask your vet on preventive measures for ticks and fleas as they can cause serious health issues to both you and your dog.
Keep him hydrated: Make cool drinking water accessible to your dog at all times. Keep 2-3 bowls of water at different places so that your pooch remembers to drink water.
Schedule an appointment with a pet groomer: It’s time to pamper your pooch with a grooming session. It will not only make him look great but also reduce problems associated with summers.
Other useful tips: Keep your dog in shade at all times. Never leave him alone in the car, even for short durations as temperature inside the car soars too high and he might get a heat stroke. Take him out only when the temperature is low outside.
Check for warning signs: If your pooch has problems in breathing or is panting or drooling excessively, he might be overheated. Other warning signals include weakness, vomiting, diarrhoea and an elevated heart rate. Try to cool him down and contact your vet immediately.
Happy and safe summers!