Helping paws @ home Cornish Rex

Katerina Anyfandi

Warm, friendly, loving and mischievous are some adjectives to define Cornish Rex who is considered to be the ‘clown’ of cat world and a breed who wants to be involved in all household activities, whether it be riding on vacuum cleaner, jumping into shower, chasing dog’s tail, watching dinner being cooked, or sleeping on your lap while you watch TV. Know more about this elegant breed.

Cornish Rex is a very gentle and non-aggressive breed; she runs away rather than be confrontational with anyone or any other animal. This breed makes wonderful companion for older people as her favourite place is the warm lap of her pet parent. And young children are amused by playful ways of Cornish Rex. At a cat show, follow the sound of laughter and almost always you will find a Cornish Rex entertaining visitors, old and young alike, with her cheerful and clownish ways.

Historical flashback
History of Cornish Rex began in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall (England). On 21st July 1950, pet parent Nina Ennismore’s tortoiseshell cat named Serena gave birth to a litter of five kittens. One coloured red & white among them had an unusual curly coat. The kitten was named Kallibunker (Kalli) and became the founder of Cornish Rex breed. From the unique appearance, complete with the adorable marcel waves of the coat, to the boundless playful energy and zest for life, Cornish Rex promises to vanish all boredom. While the overall slight body frame of the cat may appear dainty and fragile, do not be misled; this breed carries a powerhouse of athletic muscle in that slender package, enabling her to scale elevated surfaces effortlessly and romp through places with agile speed.

Physical characteristics
Specific body structures of Cornish Rex include a deep chest, a long neck, a slightly elongated head, a tight abdomen, long & muscular hind legs, all attributes that are often compared to those of a Whippet or a Greyhound Dog. And other physical characteristics include high cheekbones, Roman nose, prominent large ears and captivating almond eyes. And the curly coat, however, is the most distinguished feature of Cornish Rex. At a glance, the cat appears to be made up of ripples as her coat falls in very short, tight marcel waves that are velvety soft to touch.

Wavy quality of the coat of Cornish Rex covers the entire body of the pet from the top of the head to the tip of the tail. Even the whiskers appear crimped. The coat of a Cornish Rex spans the feline colour spectrum, from solid hues such as white, black, red or blue to calico and tabby patterns and everything in between. The fine-textured, single-layer coat requires very little grooming. Cornish Rex will appreciate a blanket for snuggling on cooler days.

Enjoyable family member
Cornish Rex is very much an interactive participant in all activities of her family members. Not content to sit on the sidelines, this keenly intelligent cat will follow their pet parents throughout the house in quest for human companionship and daily household adventures. No task will ever be carried out without the supervision and helping paw of the Cornish Rex who always loves to entertain pet parents with her clown-like antics that will prompt instant smiles and chuckles.

Her charismatic temperament is what it makes Cornish Rex an enjoyable family member. This highly sociable and interactive cat always seeks out the companionship of their pet parents. She equally appreciates cuddle time on the couch and relaxing petting sessions. Quite an extrovert, Cornish Rex is friendly, outgoing and inquisitive. Once you fall in love with this breed, you will gain a loving new family member who will enrich your life in so many ways.

Quality time
A Cornish Rex will not thrive if she does not receive ample loving attention. Once you bring home a Cornish Rex, be sure to treat her as such by spending quality time with her. This breed exudes a commanding presence through vocalisation and eyes that have a knack for engaging your attention. The mind of Cornish Rex is always at work, seeking new places in the home to explore, new mischief to delve into and exciting
new methods for returning your focus back to her spotlight.

Handful of toys
Keep a variety of plentiful toys available for your Cornish Rex’s entertainment focus. She loves to play and fetch toys. Her dexterous paws can pick up and toss about small toys as well as open cabinets, closets and drawers. Keep her stimulated with a variety of toys, such as puzzle and interactive toys to challenge her mental faculties when you are not home. Provide your little athletic wonder a plenty of cat furniture and kitty condos to expend some of her energy as you initiate friendly games of chase or hide & seek. Full of fun-loving mischief, Cornish Rex is a true charmer, ensuring that there will never be a dull moment wherever this breed is around in the house.

Nocturnal habit
Despite many generations of domestication, Cornish Rex still remains nocturnal and she may wonder why her pet parents wish to sleep when there are paws to pounce, toys to jingle and cupboard doors to open and close repeatedly. You can curb some of her such behaviour by providing her plenty of simulating toys and activities to occupy. You can also delve into a lengthy and active play session with your cat prior to your bedtime. Cats are also wired to snooze after a meal.

Never play rough with your cat or encourage play with your hands or feet. Instead, offer plenty of toys that are acceptable alternatives for your cat to bite. The more love, attention and stimulation you lavish on your Cornish Rex, the greater the reward will be as you share a mutual companionship.

(Katerina Anyfandi is president of Association Felina Greece and founder of Gr Perla Dolls Cattery, Athens).