Ginger—My Bunch of Happiness!


Dhriti and Ginger
Ginger is my one year old little bunch of happiness. He is a Persian and Maine-Coon mix. When I’m busy studying, he does everything to get my attention even if that means lying on my books, asking for a belly rub. He and I spend hours playing fetch. Yes! Ginger loves playing fetch with me. But more than that he has his own kind of liking for sitting in the garden, showing off his golden fur in the sun and trying to do every move he can to catch the birds.
A hug in stressful times
Every morning I wake up to see him sitting on my stomach waiting for me to pet him. On some random nights I wake up feeling suffocated and feel his fur on my mouth. No such moment has passed when Ginger hasn’t given me a hug in my stressful times. He steals away every one’s heart with his beautiful crystal blue eyes. My mom goes crazy finding Ginger only to realize that he is relaxing in some or the other cupboard.
Naughty at night
Every night the furniture and bed-sheets get displaced for the only reason that dad and Ginger run after each other playing hide and seek. No matter in which part of the house he is, he always comes running after mom when she is cutting chicken and of course who could deny anything to those loving eyes and that euphonious meow. Even though Ginger has his very own cup for drinking water he still finds it enormously fascinating to drink water from my glass.
Closest to my heart
Thanks to the curtains (whose threads are now ripped off) which helped him to sharpen his claws and later winning every fight against me by just digging them into my skin. Ginger has been the closest to my soul and without his presence everything feels dull. He is not just a cat but a best friend of mine.
– Dhriti Malik, Model Town, Panipat, Haryana