It’s a red-letter day!


Every issue of D&P is very special and this an extra special one. I must tell you why? We have featured the English Springer Spaniel this time and you know what, my life is ruled by the most adorable and lovable Springer. When Sparkle became a part of our family, we were told that he is a Cocker puppy but when our vet examined him, he told that he is a Springer mixed. Nevertheless, Springer or Cocker, Sparkle is a darling – a baby at heart who will never grow up. As the name goes, he’s our shining star.
Whether your buddy is a Pedigree, mixed or a stray – three things remain common – love, companionship and loyalty. But, still there are a few people who not only look at strays with disgust but also assault and abuse those who feed them. Several such cases of abuse have been reported in Delhi alone and animal lovers have filed complaints with the High Court. What they don’t understand is that strays are our watchdogs – they actually guard the place where they live. Not only this, strays can even be trained as sniffer dogs, just like Asha who is a sniffer dog at Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS) of the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security. A little love, compassion and training – is all that is needed to make them our adorable pets.
Let us all come together and try to save our angels…they do need our love and compassion and nothing can stop us from doing that. We might not be able to adopt all of them but the least we can do is to take care of the strays in our neighbourhood.
Also, we can now sniff the festivities in air…Sparkle loves celebrations and wishes you all a great festive season ahead.