‘Purr’fect Persians

show the power of love!

Persians can be your ‘purr’fect companions. They say a dog is a man’s best friend; I say a cat is a woman’s best friend.


Persian is one of the most popular and most loved cat breeds worldwide. Apart from their looks their gentle temperament is what makes them so desirable. They are sweet, loving, and very social and affectionate. They are not usually the type to demand constant attention.

Great with family & children

Persians are great with family and children, and love to lounge around in the house. They aren’t the most vocal breed but they are not silent either. They will meow occasionally and their voice is melodious. They prefer a serene hygienic environment but can adapt well to even busy and boisterous households.

They don’t really mind a full house or active kids around. In short, Persians are not just the most beautiful cat breed that the world is blessed with but also one of the friendliest.

Happiness is living with a Persian!

Nazneen Khan
Nazneen Khan

I have had cats around me ever since I was an infant. My mother has been an animal lover and so were her parents. It would not be wrong to say that this legacy of compassion has been passed on to me from them. I got my first Persian cat in 2014 and since then there has been no looking back. These cats are the visible soul of our house. Whoever says that cats don’t show love would not have kept a cat ever!

A good day every day with a Persian

Persians do show love, they will slowly blink to express their affection. If I am back home after a long day they will come running at the door, show the excitement by lifting their tails high up in the air which is cute and adorable. Having them around and looking at their sweet faces makes me forget all the worries. Living with them is like a good day every day where in exchange of all the care that we give them what they give back is pure love, purrs, and the slow eye blinks that means ‘I love you’ in cat language.

These stories of love are not just limited to the daytime, some of my cats have a habit of even sleeping with me on the bed and jump up on the bed whenever they want to, some of them even sleep on my pillow. It’s not an animal and pet parent kind of relationship that we share. They are the center of my world and I plan my schedule, my vacations according to their schedule. Anything can wait but not the cats. They are number one on my priority list.

Health & grooming should always be a priority

Anyone who has laid their eyes on a Persian cat knows that these cats are the epitome of elegance, their soft long coat adds the air of royalty. They have big round luminous eyes. As they say, nothing comes easy in life and so is the case here. Persians need daily grooming. You can feed them the best food but if they are groomed regularly and if hygiene is not maintained the cat will never be healthy.

Persians are brachycephalic breed. Their face structure causes them to have tears and sometimes they face issues of improper tear drainage. Their eyes have to be cleaned daily and the area should be kept dry to avoid any bacterial infection and to avoid those unsightly tear stains. They need regular bath, some cats have to be bathed weekly and others monthly, depending on their coat condition and what the vet suggests.

They should be blow dried properly. Their coat needs daily combing and we have to be diligent to remove any knots, dead skin, and other debris from their coat. If not taken care of they can easily get matted which is very painful for the pet. Combing increases blood circulation which helps to keep the coat healthy and skin infections can be avoided. They can get dental problems in adult life. Pet parents should look for early signs and also maintain good dental hygiene by using products like cat specific toothpaste, oral spray, etc.

A high maintenance breed

They are a high maintenance breed and it requires active maintenance on the part of the pet parent. If looked after well these cats remain healthy and can live for good 15-20 years. At least one checkup yearly, especially after the age of 6 years is what I would recommend to keep a check of their health. Also, irrespective of the breed and age of the pet, keeping the vaccinations up to date is a must. Cats are predators by nature and they instinctively hide their pain as a survival mechanism. Take your pet to a vet if you see any sudden changes in their health or behaviour.

Masters of cuteness

What sets them apart from all the other breeds is their distinguishing appearance. Their long silky coat, tiny nose, big round eyes is what gives them that cute stuffed toy look that you just cannot resist but just would want to cuddle the whole day.

I love the fact that they are full of life. When they want to play, they light up the house with chasing each other or some invisible prey that in all these years I have never managed to see. Watching them do that is like watching the cartoon Tom and Jerry. Whether they chose to sit and lounge just in that one corner of the sofa or on the window ledge to admire nature, it’s just simply a treat for the eyes to watch them do their thing.

Whisking memories for life

Well after having cats for all these years, I cannot think about that one particular special moment with them, but I have a special incident that’s really close to my heart. He was a Persian boy, blue smoke who I named Gucci. He left us for the heavenly adobe in January this year after completing seven years in December with me. He had habit of meowing back whenever I called his name, now if I call out his name 100 times, he had to meow back all the time. He was the most expressive and talkative Persian cat I’ve ever come across in my life. He used to sleep with me, followed me like a dog around the house and kneaded my head out of affection. It was simply pure love and I miss him so much.

Also, there is this one cat of mine, her name is Eva. She’s a beautiful tortoiseshell Persian. When she was a young kitten, I played dead with her. She got so anxious that she came close to my face to check if I was breathing, jumped on me to check if I really died, and kept meowing till the time I got up, hugged her and assured her I was fine. I can never forget that incident.That shows how much she loves me.

(Nazneen Khan is a Persian cat hobbyist who owns PawsomFeline cattery registered with the CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association) which is currently the world’s largest and most prestigious cat registering association)