Kitty Yums In Good Health!

Give your cats what they need, more meat and less grain, to ensure they are always In Good Health!


Kitty Yums is a unique recipe that emphasises on keeping your cat In Good Health, throughout their life span and sustaining their health to live longer. With the appropriate diet of more meat and less grain, you are paying attention to their needs, thus, ensuring a happy cat and creating a positive emotional bond that enhances their life expectancy.

The Kitty Yums mission is to be the most trusted and convenient premium destination for pet parents. Our nutritional philosophy is to offer exceptional cat food, rooted in science and deliver essential nutritional solutions with unmatched quality. The two most important steps of helping pets maintain a healthy weight, stay active and ensuring they receive complete nutrition.

As a brand we are committed to the process of providing real and clean human grade ingredients without any byproducts or fillers.

Available in three varieties— Kitten OCEAN FISH, Adult OCEAN FISH & Persian OCEAN FISH. It is made up of Real Sardines & Mackeral, no corn, soya or wheat and constitutes of 28-30 percent high-quality protein.

Balanced nutrition for kittens

Kitten OCEAN FISH is for kittens between 1-12 months old, Taurine in it promotes strong vision development, Omega-3 DHA helps promote healthy brain development and Vitamin E helps build a strong immune system. Prebiotics and beet pulp support the kitten’s digestive health and essential minerals including calcium help develop strong bones.

After weaning it is recommended to moisten the Kitty Yums Kitten food with water to facilitate the transition from liquid to dry cat food diet. At 12 weeks of age gradually decrease the quantity of liquid added so they would be eating pure dry food by 24 weeks of age.

Change Kitten food to Cat Kitty Yums food after your kitten is 12 months old.

Complete nutrition for adults

Adult OCEAN FISH has natural fibre for healthy digestion. It is supported by an antioxidant-rich blend of vitamins E & A and other nutrients. Also supported by Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins & minerals for a healthy skin & coat. It helps in making strong muscles, including a healthy heart and maintaining healthy weight.

Precious Persians

Persian OCEAN FISH has a natural fibre blend which helps minimise hairballs, while Omega-6 helps give a radiant coat and healthy skin. High protein nutrition maintains lean muscle and a healthy weight. Vitamin A & taurine promote strong vision and Vitamin E helps build a strong immune system.

Feed them right

Kitty Yums has recently sought a holistic approach of the brand through its initiative to engage professional FCI registered breeders across the country through the Bandhan Programme. Bandhan aims to provide an interface between the brand and users in which educational training is imparted. Breeders are the starting point or source from which every pet parent decides to adopt a pet and through this initiative we have reached out to 1500+ breeders across 20 states in the country who have sampled our products and are content with the food.