Embark on a journey of awareness with ‘Start of Life’ Campaign

Royal Canin launches for the first time, a campaign “Start of Life” in collaboration with pet experts with an objective of educating pet parents on ‘responsible pet parenting’.


The journey of a lifetime begins with the right start and Royal Canin is committed to making this journey enriching and valuable for all pet parents. Building on the principle of “mutuality”, one of the fundamental guiding principles of the way we do business, Royal Canin has for the first time partnered with key stakeholders, i.e., veterinarians and breeders to provide them a platform where they can share their precious pearls of wisdom on the ‘Start of Life’ phase every pet parent goes through. At the same time this common platform will enable pet parents to reach out to these experts with their queries, concerns and help on this critical life stage. The campaign has created a Kitten & Puppy Growth Programme as a seamless, precise, and holistic experience to help reverse a trend where pet parents fail to provide their puppy or kitten with suitable diets or move to adult food too soon.

Eat well = Live well

The first months of a puppy or kitten lay the foundation of their future health and well-being whose benefits will last a lifetime. Common mistakes include switching to adult food during that period. It directly impacts the growth pattern which may lead to osteoarticular problems. So, feeding puppies and kittens with diets that reflect their needs in their composition is crucial. Growth diets are complete and balanced, no supplements are necessary.

Taking small steps towards helping pet parents

This is an educative campaign in collaboration with experts in the field of pet care. It pushes the boundaries of nutrition and knowledge under the direction of science and paediatric veterinary medicine, with a series of video narratives that are candid, informative and very practical. The first series will help new pet parents right from choosing the right pet for their homes till they bring them home and the first few months of settling in. This phase moves on to subsequent stages of the pet growing into an adult and will handhold all new pet parents on this unique journey.

This campaign has been a genuine attempt at making a difference in the lives of pets and pet parents with an extensive and unique range dedicated to cats and dogs from birth to adulthood – incorporating gestation and lactation – which is available at veterinarians and pet specialty stores.

Aiming at awareness with ‘Start of Life’ Campaign

The campaign is divided into four distinct stages. Each stage is made up of nutritional products specifically formulated to fulfil a pet’s unique physiological and behavioural needs from infancy to adolescence in accordance with his breed, age, size, weight, and newly developed common sensitivity. Recipes are created specifically to maintain a robust immune system, aid in the healthy growth of the brain, organs, and skeletal system, support a balanced microbiome, and provide the proper amount of energy. Additionally, a distinctive formula delivered in a specially created kibble that is tailored to the size and shape of each breed’s jaw contributes to the food’s digestibility and palatability.

The supremacy of good health

Speaking about the campaign Mr. Satinder Singh, General Manager (Managing Director) at Royal Canin, India“Growth of kitten and puppies is an intense building phase. Their body requires adapted levels of nutrients – especially energy, proteins, and minerals – to develop themselves into healthy adults. As a leading health through nutrition company, Royal Canin is dedicated to showcasing the cooperation between pet parents and pet specialists. We believe that every pet deserves the best Start in life, and this begins with proper nutrition.Such a sound and enduring relationship demonstrates a belief that every pet deserves the best possible start in life in terms of nutrition, guidance and care.”

The ‘Start of Life’ campaign will feature a range of educational materials, including blog posts, social media content, and webinars. Pet parents will have the chance to gain more knowledge about the value of adequate nutrition during their pet’s formative years and learn about the advantages of giving them a diet that is suited to their individual requirements.

We would like to thank Dr. Mohammad Ali -Assistant Professor, Department of Clinics, Madras Veterinary College, Dr. B. Nagarajan – President Association for Veterinary Dermatology India, Dr. Srikanth – Prakruthi Veterinary Clinic and Diagnostic Centre and breeder, Chandrashekhar T K – Breeder of the year 2013 – 2014, Sudhakar Babu Katikineni – World Cat Federation Judge for 5 years, C. Santosh – Bengaluru Canine Club Secretary and Ganesh Anand for their words of wisdom and helping us educating pet parents on responsible pet parenting.