Aashray for Animals: Champions of compassion

If you are in Durgapur, West Bengal, drive through the peaceful road with the help of Google maps to ‘Aashray for Animals’. The drive is amazing and when you reach the place, it is an even more enjoyable and lovely experience with the furry residents!

Saheli Bishnu
Saheli Bishnu

A ray of hope – being the voice of voiceless

Aashray was started when Chaitali viewed the helplessness of injured, abused, disabled dogs and cats. She started housing them generously. Ever since 2015 to now, a lot has changed for the better. At that time there was unavailability of resident veterinarians and a huge shortage of funds. On facing multiple constraints, she had to learn basic medication, saline, first-aid and bandaging techniques, food best for recovery, injections and vaccinations. Taking one day at a time helped us sail through those tough times.

Working towards the mission of ‘A home for every paw’

First time I went there; I was surprised by their zest. Yes!! You will never imagine the spirit and joy in their movements, even after being disabled.

Once, I participated in a maggot identifying and treatment workshop, then a towel wrapped cute puppy came with her guardian who had ticks in her ears. The team worked swiftly and cleared off her ticks and administered proper treatment and medication.

Kudos to the hardworking team

The team works tirelessly, from mixing food, to giving the furries medicines or applying medicines with all their heart. Some of the furry shelter residents make full use of this time and enjoy the nearby fields, playing around and basking in the sun.

I really felt Aashray team working with harmony, join as volunteer here, if you are staying in Durgapur or you can view day to day updates from their Instagram and Facebook page.

Not all superheroes wear a cape!

A special shoutout to Chaitali who has worked courageously to save these beings and their lives from misery. Her routine consists of distributing food, organizing awareness and vaccination camps, ABC (sterilization), offering saline services and emergency first aid, chemotherapy along with her strong enthusiastic young team, and a lot more!

You will be happy to hear, that there is an increase in adoption from Aashray, for both cats and dogs. There are more households offering food and shelter to community dogs around Aashray and all over Durgapur. Cheers to Aashray, that people around are aware and are paying close attention to street dogs, as they report to Aashray, whenever they see symptoms like panting, not eating food for days etc. Aashray has opened another shelter consisting of an operation-theatre for sterilization and amputation. There are still constraints related to infrastructure, especially when surgeries need to be performed. The shelter is also in a dire need of a rescue van which can act as an ambulance too.