A Knotty Affair


There were Adams seeking Eves desperately…all over at one-of-its-own-kind doggy matchmaking event. It received an overwhelming response as dog lovers stormed Ansal Plaza, New Delhi to fi nd a beloved for their loyal companion.

As the bride and groom walked down the aisle, dressed in best of fi neries ready to exchange their wedding vows, it seemed the whole universe was there to solemnize their union. This is not a scene straight out of a Hollywood fl ick or a Page 3 story about some celebrity wedding. But it is an unique initiative of organizing doggies’ matchmaking event for the fi rst time in Delhi at Ansal Plaza for dog lovers who wanted to fi nd a mate for their adorable pooches.A Starry affair
Flowers adorned the venue and a band strummed out melodies as the bride and groom wearing glitzy trousseau walked the
red carpet to tie the nuptial knot. The sight was not only a delight for dog lovers but for the onlookers also who looked amazed at the hoopla surrounding the union of man’s best friend.
Animal lover’s delight

The event caught fancy of many pet parents. The organizers received an overwhelming response from pet lovers. “It is a great experience being here, so many breeds to see. So much love to share. There should be a day when Puchki should feel important. It is her day today,” said Puchki’s proud owners Rudra and Aditya. “Finally a place where I can take my Daisy too,” added Anjana.
“The contests are fun and I have enrolled Fluty, my beagle in the most fat dog contest,” gushed Dipanki.
Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
Unable to contain their excitement Susan and Pawan who were their looking for beautiful brides for their fou bachelors, said, “It’s a dog’s day out completely.”
Excitement ruled the roost after six pairs were declared man and wife. It seemed it was time for the Dilwale pooches to take their beloved Dulhaniya home. The only sad part was the newly weds could not zoom to a cozy honeymoon destination.
Meet the matchmaker

Mr Arif Sheikh, COO, Ansal Plaza Malls and the brain behind this mass wedding said, “We are overwhelmed with the positive response of dog lovers in the city. Innovation and creativity is what Ansal Plaza is known for. Such events enhance the experience of our customers.”
“This is part of our corporate social responsibility initiatives, and the purpose is to spread an animal friendly image of the mall,” he added.
The evening also saw a host of other competitions organized for man’s faithful companion. It included events like cutest dog, most naughty dog and most well dressed dog.