Chill out! in winters!


Chill out! in winters!
Winters are the time to sip hot delicious liquids, enjoy sunny afternoons, warm cosy quilts and have a fun time with your pooch. Just like you, your pet also needs to be warm to beat the winter chill. Here are a few tips to make winters beautiful for your canine.
Enjoy indoors : Never leave your dog outside in the cold for long periods of time as wind chill can give him frot-bites.
Give him a warm and cosy corner : Give your canine kid a warm and dry place. Give him a nice cosy bed and a warm blanket.
Keep him warm and cosy : Winters is the time to dress up. Get your pooch a coat which will not only keep him warm but also make him look good. Time for some fine couture!
Walk in sunny hours : It’s better to take your pooch for a walk at the time when sun is shining and the weather is warm.
Beware of heating elements : While it’s very tempting to sit near room heat convectors, it is important to keep them away from your canine’s reach as he would also like to snuggle close to it and might accidentally get hurt.
Grooming for better insulation : Remember, a well-groomed coat keeps your pooch properly insulated. So, groom him regularly and do not trim or shave his coat.
Keep him dry : If your pooch gets wet, towel or blow-dry him immediately.
Thought for food : Feed him additional calories to keep his body temperature regulated. Food should be warm and tasty.
Water – a must : Give plenty of water to your pooch as he can get dehydrated even in winters. The water should be at room temperature.
Care for puppies and older dogs : They need special care and should not be taken out except for their nature’s call.
Regular check-ups : Like us, dogs are also prone to illness in winters, so take him to his vet for regular check-ups.
A word of caution : Whenever you start off your car in the parking lot, be sure that stray dogs or other animals have not crawled under your car for shelter.
Warmth of love : Bask your pooch in your love and winters would be beautiful for both of you.

– by Varsha Verma