Keep your furry friend cool this summer


Summers can be testing time for your pooch. Here are few tips to keep your pooch cool this summer:

  • Keep her indoors during the sunny hours.
  • Take her for a walk early morning and late evenings when the weather is slightly cooler.
  • Give her lots of water to drink throughout the day.
  • Never leave her in the parked car as it becomes really hot and can be dangerous.
  • Watch out symptoms of heat stress such as heavy panting, glazed eyes, rapid heartbeat, restlessness, etc.
  • If any of these symptoms occur, cool her body temperature.
  • Move her into a shaded or a cooler area.
  • Apply ice packs or cold towels to her head, neck and chest.
  • Give her cool water to drink.
  • Consult your vet immediately.