CGS Hospital | where joy is infectious!

Cuddle, Goldy and Spotty (CGS) Hospital is the place to be when you are looking for medical, grooming and boarding needs for your pets. This recently launched hospital offers comprehensive high quality veterinary care with an emphasis on exceptional client service and patient care.

CGS Hospital is a DLF initiative to provide excellent veterinary facility for pets and pet lovers. Inaugurated by Kavita Singh, the hospital is spread over 1.25 acres of land, with a covered area of 17,000 sq ft and its facility boasts of the best doctors and amenities.

The expertise…

Dr Samar Mahendran, director of the hospital, comes with an extensive experience of 22 years. He has expertise in soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries.
He is well supported by a team of veterinary ultrasonologist, radiologist, pathologist, anesthesiologist’s orthopedic surgeon and other experts.

The facilities…

At CGS Hospital, they have two OPDs for dogs and a common OPD for cats & birds, which is operational for seven days a week. The experienced vets have access to the best diagnostic aids, which help them in competently handling cases referred from local practitioners. Besides, they have high standard laboratories for the examinations of organ function tests for screening liver, kidney, pancreas, blood sugar, etc; urine routine and culture/sensitivity; blood culture; cytology of ears/tumors/vaginal smears; hormone levels detection and histopathological studies. The hospital is fully equipped for surgery and anaesthesia, computed radiography, diagnostic endoscopy, dentistry, laser lithotripsy, ultrasound, CO2 laser surgeries, gaseous anaesthesia, micro chipping and de-worming.
CGS Hospital also offers a home away from home for your pets while you are not there. A relaxed and comfortable environment is provided for them where they can enjoy their stay. Besides, there is inpatient boarding facility, grooming parlor, pet shop and open play area. At CGS, pet parents can be assured of the best environment – temperature and humidity controlled environment, clean and comfortable bedding. Attentive staff ensures the compartments and exercise areas are clean and comfortable for pets. They are monitored very carefully during their stay for elimination habits, appetite and overall well being. Besides, they are fed premium food and exercised twice a day in a large fenced area.
In a nutshell, CGS Hospital cares for your pets, just like you would care for them.