Do’s and Don’ts for your kitty treats


Like humans, your kittens may like a different treat. Here are a few treats you can give to your feline friends:

  • You may give upto a quarter cup of milk at a time, but more may cause diarrhoea.
  • You can give yogurt for calcium and digestion.
  • You may mix yoghurt with a small dash of taurine powder, a flavour the cats like and is good for them.
  • Protein-based meat, poultry and fish are good for your cat. Just make sure there are no fish bones.
  • Treats should not form more than half the diet.
  • Avoid garlic and onion seasonings as these are toxic for cats.
  • You can give Dental Chews or Greenies for cats in the recommended quantities.

(Kit Humphrey, featured columnist of Cats & Kittens, is a retired physician from Siberian Gatos Cattery in the US.)