The Russian Blue: silver & shiny


Beautiful, velvety silver coat, shiny green eyes, lovely temperament… the Russian Blue is indeed a perfect pet for you.


The Russian Blue is one of the oldest breeds in the Cat Fancy. From the time of the world’s fi rst cat show in 1871 until now. The breed is said to have originated in the northern part of Europe and specifi cally Russia. The archaeological fi ndings of similar coats used as fur by the Vikings also do support this theory.

Beautiful body complements a beautiful mind

The Russian Blue is known for his velvety, double coat with its distinctive silver sheen. The silver sheen emphasises his elegant build and graceful movements. The green eyes make a beautiful contrast with the blue of the coat. They can live happily with almost any kind of other animals, children and families as long as the respect they give is returned. If the Russian Blue gives his love to you, you will have that love forever.

Lovable and playful

The Russian Blues love to play, from fetching a small paper ball or a mouse to playing hide and seek. They are very intelligent and love to be challenged. As the cat is always a child at heart, there is no exception to see a or a fur mouse.

Because of their intelligence and playfulness, they need room and attention to be happy. They love to go outside in safe surroundings like a closed garden or balcony. They are excellent climbers, runners, jumpers and hunters!

Groom me beautifully

The coat only needs a soft brush once a week or a slightly wet cloth to remove the loose hairs. Most of the times, stroking the cat will be enough to keep the coat in good condition.

Healthy breed

The Russian Blue is still a very healthy breed. There are no breed specifi c diseases known for these cats.

(With inputs from Yasmin Trok-Wijnands of Cattery Dunoe-Russisch Blauw and Sandra Hipkin of Elenita Cats)