Paw-precious gifts


Amidst all the activities which surround you, take time out and spend moments with your cherished ones. Make their little hearts happy and their eyes sparkle. Most of all, pamper them with your time. Notice their gait, the wag and body language when they get to share time with you. The games you play, the walks you share and the care you take will keep your canine member sparkling.
Different parts of the world are celebrating the National Dog Week in the fourth week of September and the World Animal Day in October. Pamper your pets – play with them, take them out for a walk in lush surroundings, go out for a vacation with them, make some mouth-watering delicacies, give them a treat, buy them toys they will love – just make them happy. If you haven’t taken him to a vet since a while, take time out for the visit. His health is important because your pooch is precious.
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While we all are gearing up for a host of festivals, undoubtedly our tailwagers will tail behind us, rejoicing in our celebrations. Our spirits would be high…basking in the festivities, the delicacies, socialisation with friends and relatives, et al. But as responsible pet parents, we need to make the festivals safe for them. We need to keep them away from lovely decorations, glittering lights and of course, crackers – the worst part of the festivals.
Sparkle wishes you a great time ahead …love them- both pets and strays- and be sure to be loved hundred times more in return – what more can you ask for?