Bharat Tandon: The “Petcare” man


The passion to innovate, the zeal to care, a burning desire of quality — all come together in making of the Managing Director of Petcare — Mr. Bharat Tandon. With a vision to provide the best for one’s beloved canine, led to the founding of “Petcare”, India’s first company taking care of pet nutrition and therapy. Meet Mr. Bharat Tandon, the man behind Petcare. Mr. Tandon has been a dog lover since childhood. His favourite pet being “Zero”, an apso from the Dalai Lama’s kennel. His childhood fantasy was to become a scientist. Till date, he feels one’s pet is one’s complete companion – the whole world can be angry with you but your pet can never be. Mr. Tandon believes that man’s best companion – the dog – deserves all attention and pampering and therefore his health, hygiene and vigour matters as much as that of human beings.
Mr. Tandon started his career with Astra, a pharmaceutical company in Bangalore and later shifted to the agribusiness unit. But, he had something else in his mind, his drive to do something more for his childhood love – the dogs, motivated him to enter the pet nutrition business and soon started Petcare in 1984.
The division’s main motto is “Your pet. Our care”. As a company, Petcare believes in quality, innovations and caring for the canines and the products conform to the highest international standards. Being market leaders and innovators, they launched the “Notix” talc, a product that was first of its kind in the country and a product that actually worked! At that point of time, there was no drug approved formulation, Mr. Tandon’s pharma background gave them an added advantage and with the help of extensive research and with the desire to satisfy the consumer along with all the necessary approvals- Notix talc was launched. Mr. Tandon reinforces, “As a company, we always want to be innovative, and take pride in being the first company in India to have a pet division. We also very early invested in an Extruder (to make dog food), and started out with snack and launched Nutribix biscuits and dog rolls”.
Mr. Tandon’s quest for quality has led Petcare in 1999 to partner with a Dutch company Provimi, who are market leaders in animal nutrition in Latin America, Brazil & Europe. Petcare now benefits from their technology and global experience and expertise.
As per Mr. Tandon, the market for pet products have opened up, consumers have become more demanding and sophisticated. “We now have to keep ahead of the market.
We have to keep up with the times and fulfil the desire of the consumer”, he says. To meet their vast needs, the company offers a range of products including Provican Soup, Notix Forte, Notix Green Pet Soap, Food Booster, Nutricoat, Provilacc, Nutribix Economy, Nutripet, Seledruff, Praziplus, Notix Talc, Notix Scrub Liquid and Ridd. And consumers are absolutely satisfied with the products as the company not only delivers quality products, but also care for the needs of their pets.
Says Mr. Tandon, “Because we care, we believe in giving out information. Thus, Petcare has Nutritional forum that facilitates exchange of valuable information among pet lovers”. Petcare has also instituted Petcare Award for Canine Excellence (PACE) – an award to veterinary doctors to honour and encourage valuable contribution made by them in the field of pet industry.
Being aware of their social responsibilities, Mr. Tandon has been actively supporting various animal welfare organizations, for example CUPA.
To match international standards, the company invests continuously in R&D, high-tech production infrastructure and a strong sales network. According to Mr. Tandon, “quality is not an event but an ongoing process in our team”.
Mr. Tandon says, “We as a company do not only deliver quality but care for our customers canines”.
Mr. Tandon’s family consists of his wife, his son Angad and his daughter Mithali, who are the proud owners of Duke, a Swiss Mountain dog, who is a big and sturdy dog and the family, especially the kids, love to play with him. The maids love to call him “Duka”. Needless to say, only a dog lover can care for a dog’s need. One has to be a dog lover to give that special touch, that special approach towards any pet product and Mr.Tandon is the living example.