I have a one year old female German Shepherd. She’s been shedding a lot since September 2018. Now she’s on Pedigree Pro Plan. Please let me know the root cause of the shedding?


Some physiological reasons like light intensity, besides nutrition, genetics, health that can cause dog to shed hair excessively. Dogs may also shed excessive hair because of stress, worms, harsh climate and general illness. Therefore, my approach would be to find underlying cause(s) like parasites or allergy, hormonal imbalance, infection, etc and then your vet will be able to recommend suitable medications that will eliminate the cause and hair fall. Balanced and complete nutrition is most important for healthy skin and hair coat. Feed him balanced pet food that contains nutrients like omega fatty acids, zinc and vitamins required for skin and hair coat. Regular brushing at least 2-3 times a week also helps to remove unwanted hair.

Question by – S Kamath, Mumbai