What is the life of a pet dog?
Have you ever cared to think?
He eats, drinks, plays and sleeps like a log,
Rules, barks and lives like a king.

We have to accompany him in his walks,
He goes where he wants to, and sleeps where he wants to,
And oh…!! The way he boasts and talks
Bout his girlfriends, while all of them scare him with a ‘boo’.

Who is the slave and who is the master,
This is what we have to decide,
To have a dog is a boon or a disaster,
Is it like trouble, or putting trouble aside?

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be born as a dog?
Fussing and nagging we’ll take in our stride,
Eating, playing and sleeping like a log,
As I have mentioned will be our life.

Bring home the love of your life

Hurt? Forlorn? Feeling down?
Silly you! Your fault, it must have been.
C’mon now, stop looking for sympathy
And give thyself some self-help

Can’t forget?
Go get a pet.
They won’t want you to dress accordingly
Rather, they’ll love you unconditionally.

Don’t say you lost in love,
Instead, discover this love to rise above.
Show ‘em a little concern, give ‘em some time
In return, they’ll owe you all their life.

Establish a relationship, not so complicated
No ‘handle with care’, they ain’t sophisticated!
Experience soft touches, cuddles,
wet kisses and that twinkling eye
They’ll make you forget everything else,
need not to tell why.

Don’t bother if nobody noticed your tears,
Love the one who will always be yours.

Get one from the nearest street.
Don’t look for a particular breed.
Or a brand to show-off your need?

Make a decision. Move on.
Let that little creature define you ‘love’.
Step out.
Bring home the love of your life.



Together we shall walk hand in hand

I shuddered at the thought of separationPoem
So I hugged you tight in desperation.
Often I whispered in your ears
Nisha, do not leave me in tears.
I worried being away from you a few miles
Each time I returned you greeted me with big smiles.
Your anger expressed with a few barks
Settled down quickly with some cute small talks.
From puppy age to young age to old age
With pleasure I gave you the centre stage.
Now my angel, wait for me at the gates of the holy land
And together we shall walk hand in hand.


–Mummy, Sujaya Jagadish, Bengaluru

My Furever Friend

A DOG is not a ‘THING’Poem
A THING is replaceable
A DOG is not!
A THING can be thrown away
A DOG cannot be!
A THING does have a heart
A DOG’s heart is bigger than
Anything you can ever own.
They are angels who choose fur
Instead of wings,
My FUREVER Friend!

Always, at your side!



Always, at your side!
You are the sunshine of my life,
A ray of hope to escape my strife;
You are always there when I need you,
And that’s why I call you my
Loving Boo Boo!
Your morning kisses and the slurpy licks,
Makes me jump, in frenzy kicks;
I smile and laugh like the rain,
And hope we both can dance in the same!
You are my one and only true friend,
Never will our attachment ever end;
In high or low tide,
I pledge always to be by your side!
(Dedicated to her pet Simba)

You are the world!

Looking at your innocent face
And that loving gaze,



Makes my heart often beat and braise.

Your longing kisses and adorable hugs,
Gives a meaning to my daily tugs.

Your speechless tongue and
expressive glance,
Puts me always into a
mesmerising trance.

Your unconditional love and divine touch,
Proves there is nothing more
worthy in this world to search!

When you are far away from me!

Two days and nights of being away,
Has made my heart a lonesome prey;
I wish such days don,t come ever,
You and me are together forever and ever!

Your expressive face,
And those deep trying eyes;
Call out to me,
With daunting tries!

When you are not around even for a while,
My heart begins to run a mile;
Your loving touch and innocent kiss,
Are the most precious, I crazily miss!

I,m longing to meet you once again,
Hoping never to feel this stretch of pain;
Tonight may seem a long wait,
But I know it,s never too late!

My Dreamy Boo

When you curl up beside me,
I can’t resist stroking you
my honey bee;
And when you close your
eyes to slumber,
Your face looks so sweet
and tender;
When you wake up to the
slightest of sound,
I begin to tap my feet
on the ground;
“Hey, don’t disturb
my darling Boo Boo,
He is in the middle of a
dreamy hue!”

My Life (My Pug Richi)…

What would I do without you,
My precious, furry friend?
Part mischief, but all blessing,
And faithful to the end!

You look at me with eyes of love,
You never hold a grudge.
You think I’m far too wonderful,
To criticise or judge.

It seems your greatest joy in life,
Is being close to me.
I think God knew how comforting,
Your warm, soft fur would be.

I know you think you are human,
But I’m glad it isn’t true….
The world would be a nicer place,
If folks were more like you!

A few short years is all we have,
One day we’ll have to part.
But you, my baby Richi,
You will always have a place within my heart!