Recoup in able hands

Beautiful music serenading throughout the entire premises, giving an effect of tranquility and relaxation, attractive wall paintings adorning the walls and giving it a lively look…don’t be surprised, you are at Nandini Veterinary Hospital. And that’s not all, the doctors and the facilities are best in the class… ensuring complete cure and relaxing experience for your pet.

Surat-based Nandini Veterinary Hospital was founded in the year 2000 by Shri Surat Panjarapole Trust. The history of the trust dates back to the 17th century, where two philanthropists, with an objective to nurture and care the old and disabled animals of all types started the Panjarapole Trust. Today, the trust has four branches in Surat district and is rendering services to over 10,000 animals. The hospital was started with the obvious aim to provide a better way of living and rehabilitation to the disabled animals, not only from the city but also from the rural areas and around Surat.

Skilled practitioners

There comes no surprise that the hospital is well run by the highly qualified doctors, headed by Dr Subhash N Desai, the Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO), looking after the administrative set up of the hospital. The versatile surgeon of the hospital Dr Pralhad Shanker Chaudhary, who has credit of performing about 8,000 major surgeries in all kinds of animals, is serving the hospital since its inception. The medicine department is under the able guidance of Dr Jagdish Prasad Varshney, an eminent scientist retired from the Indian Veterinary Institute, Izzatnagar, providing service to hospital with his wide experience of disease diagnosis and therapeutics as a veterinary medicine consultant and cardiologist. The diagnostic laboratory, being the heart of the hospital, is well-managed by Dr Vipin Vinayak Deshmukh, a veterinary pathologist serving since last 12 years with wide knowledge of disease diagnosis through different laboratory diagnostic procedures. Besides, the hospital has group of well-trained junior doctors, livestock inspectors and animal attendants engaged to manage the work efficiently.

Excellent infrastructure

The hospital offers 24 hours emergency services for animals in distress with availability of all kinds of facilities under one roof. One of the most envious part of the hospital is its infrastructure, set up in two buildings (c and s type), which house facilities like small animal OPD with waiting room, large animal OPD, small animal OT, large animal OT, pre and post operative rooms for large and small animals, post operative recovery room, infusion ward for small animals, separate gastro enterology ward for small animals, ECG and cardiac auscultation room, X-ray room with advance modalities like computer radiography, ultrasound room with recently installed colour doppler, sterilisation room, inpatient wards for small and large animals, separate birds ward and OT, ambulance facilities for large and small animals and laboratory with all the advance amenities like automatic blood cell counter, blood serum analyser, urine analyser, photomicroscope and culture room. Interestingly both the buildings are decorated with mural paintings and photographs of birds and animals projected by renowned artists. The Nandini Veterinary Hospital proclaims that cleanliness and decency is maintained, just like human hospitals. This may well be gauged by the neat premises of the hospital (inside as well as outside) and a beautiful and a well-maintained garden to give better ambience to the hospital.

One-stop shop for all your doggy needs

The hospital also boasts of a newly erected decent dog parlour, taking into consideration that dogs are the most common pets whom people keep. Shampoo bath, anti-tick bath, skin treatments/application for dermatological affection, hair dressings, hair settings, nail trimming, ear cleaning are some of the lavish pleasures that a dog can experience in the parlour. The hospital also has the facility of the dog hostel/motel to keep the pets when the pet parents are going outside the city. Apart from this, the hospital also runs behaviour modification centre for pet dogs by giving different trainings like self obedience, guarding, tracking specially managed by an expert dog trainer.

What’s more?

Apart from regular treatments of the animals, the hospital also organises awareness camps in the city as well as villages. Large camps are organised by the trust where free ophthalmic check-up and vaccination is given to pets and small animals.

The future plans

The hospital is not resting on its present laurels, it envisages elaborate facilities like ICU for small animals, Dental Care Unit for small animals, Ophthalmology Department for large and small animals, Maternity Ward for large animals, Endoscopy and Laparoscopy Unit for large and small animals, Cardiac Department, besides 365 days round the clock OPD services for the patients. Though there’s still a long way to go, the hospital is subtly, but surely, moving towards the vision to reduce suffering. Kudos to their efforts!

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