Do you want to have more than two cats as pets?


pallavi Bhattacharya
When deciding whether to keep one or two cats, your financial position and ability to spend time with them should be taken into account.
Keeping two cats is double the cost as it entails buying double the amount of food and double being spent on vaccines, bedding and other cat ccessories. So, opt for it only if you have the resources.
Advantage of keeping two cats
Every living species needs to interact with their similar species. When you have a pet dog, he’ll meet other dogs when out for a walk. But cats are mainly indoor animals. So, for their psychological wellbeing, keeping two cats is unquestionably better than keeping one. By adopting two cats, you are actually saving two lives. However adopting two cats will require you to spend more time in cat parenting; tending to two cats is actually not double the amount of work of taking care of one cat. Two cats can provide one another with companionship. Both cats will bestow one another with mental stimulation, exercise and social interaction. Two cats also keep cleaner than one cat, as both tenderly groom one another. They are also likely to develop better psychological health and are better socially adjusted than one cat.
Introduce the kitten slowly
Try not to introduce a kitten to an adult cat as a partner. The grown-up cat may not necessarily view the kitten as her child. In fact, an elderly cat may injure the kitten if introduced suddenly, because of the difference in size. It’s advisable to choose two cats of the same body type and temperament as mates. It is best to introduce two cats from the same litter, as they will bond well with one another as mates. Sibling rivalry and cat fights are less between cats of the same breed. If the introduction is done between older cats, then it should be done gradually. Allow the cats to spend some time together in the initial stages. Gradually increase the number of hours they spend together. Not all cats will accept another partner, especially those who’ve been the only pet for almost the whole of their lives
Male and female mates bond best
It’s best to select two cats of different genders, as cats of the same gender may have a tendency of getting into cat fights.
A male and female cat of with similar bodies and personalities tend to bond better. Neuter them to prevent unnecessary expansion of the family. Sterilisation, as we all know is conducive to cats’ health. Opt for cats of similar activity levels and who are close to one another in age.
Pros and cons of having one cat
If you opt to keep one cat, make sure that you spend enough time with her. This may partly make up for the loneliness and boredom caused because of the lack of feline companionship. Provide her enough toys to play with. Try to make her interact with other dewormed, clean, and vaccinated cats under supervision. You may take him out to (animal) kitty parties or set up play dates with other cats. Allow her to look out of the window, so that she can at least visually connect with the world outside. You shouldn’t leave your cat alone in the house, for prolonged hours, more so if he/she is the only pet. Adopt one cat only if at least one member of the family is home at all times. A pair of cats may entertain one another when pet parents are away. The only cat may fall into depression and develop anxiety disorder, if made to languish by herself for most of the time. You may avail cat DVDs (these are mostly available overseas though) to entertain the cat — these are cat tailored videos which may have footages like that of squirrels and birds to keep them entertained. If purchasing isn’t feasible, find such videos online. You need to keep your cat embroiled in interactive play sessions for at least 15 to 20 minutes per day, to encourage physical and mental stimulation. This is necessary as the cat doesn’t have a feline playmate.
Multiple cats: Yay or Nay?
Do you want to have more than two cats as pets? Having three or more cats must be a carefully considered decision. If at all you wish to be the pet parent to more than two cats, try and adopt them and give them a caring love. Having multiple cats entails a mammoth work. It is very time and resource consuming. You need to ensure that there’s enough space for the cats. Many cats mean ounces of cat litter and flying fur. Nevertheless, hygiene needs to be maintained and that entails frequent cleaning. Also you need to keep track of all cat vaccinations and deworming sessions. More cats living under the same roof may also cause more cat fights. So, have multiple cats as pets only if you’re ready for the challenge.