KPS Valentine Pooch!


Love has no boundaries… love is eternal and unconditional…  and so our pooches are pawfect Valentines. Let’s see why.

  • Our pooches are always happy to see us, no matter what, even if we are late from work or elsewhere, they greet us happily at the door.
  • Our smile means the world to them.
  • They are the best listeners and we can talk to them for hours and not once they will show signs of boredom.
  • They can gauge our moods – they know when we are happy and know when we are sad.
  • They are loyal and will be with us in all our ups and downs, illness and wellness….
  • They will remember and recognise us throughout their life.
  • Their love is unconditional – they love us irrespective of anything in return.
  • They never crib and complain – happy-go-lucky chaps – they are truly our lucky charms!