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A small dog is considered to weigh less or be shorter. There are lots of Small breeds of dogs.

Some common of them are listed below..

Japanese Chin:

Japanese Chin is an amazing breed. When they get excited, many will do something called ‘Chin Spins’. This is when they whirl around in excitement when they see their pet parents or are getting ready for a game or car ride. Many Chins also inherit the ability to vocalise in almost a human fashion when happy or excited. This is called woo woo’ing, and no written description can do justice to how endearing this is. It sounds like the dog is actually talking to you. Here’s more on this lovely breed.

Stylish and small…

Japanese Chin is a small, well balanced, lively, aristocratic toy dog with a distinctive Oriental expression. Light and stylish in action! The plumed tail is carried over the back, curving to either side. The coat is profuse, silky, soft and straight. The dog’s outline presents a square appearance. They are found in various colours like black and white, red and white, or black and white with tan points (tricolour).

Japanese Chins have a small amount of white showing in the corner of their eyes and this gives them the desired look of astonishment. To look into their eyes is almost like looking at the face of a human.


. The Shih Tzu Kou means “Lion Dog” and they were known as “holy dogs” in Tibet. The first recorded history of this breed traces back to Tibet’s first recorded history in the 7th Century AD . The Shih Tzu gained its name and present form in ancient China and his ancestors are known to have originated in Tibet. In fact, Shih Tzu is a cross between Lhasa Apso from Tibet and Pekingese from China.

Though most of us might think of the Shih Tzu as a toy dog or just a lapdog, the breed actually comes under the Utility Group and the common trait of all dogs in the Utility group is adaptability.

The mesmerising look…

Shih Tzus are long-coated, gorgeous looking, small sized dogs. They are 10 inches tall and weigh no more than eight kg. Their large round eyes are widely spaced, and are almost in level with the nose. Their nose bridge is just about an inch long, and the hair growing on their muzzle grows upwards, resembling a chrysanthemum flower. They have a thick, dense, overflowing coat. They must have a warm, pleasant and friendly facial expression. They are slightly longer than tall. And their balanced gait is also a sight to be seen.

Shih Tzus come in a variety of amazing colours and markings like tricolour, brown and white, black and white, liver and white etc. The eyes and nose are dark, including their eyelids, but a liver coloured nose and a lighter eye is known in liver coloured dogs. And, a dog with symmetrical markings, with a white blaze on the forehead and on the tip of the tail is highly prized. The normal life span of a Shih Tzu is about 13 – 14 years.


If you are looking for a cute and small dog, who will love and adore you, then Pug is the breed for you. Her dark melting eyes will make you forget your worries and her happy disposition will spread happiness all around.

Remember the popular Hutch advertisement, which had people gushing, of a small boy and his little four-legged buddy. The jingle ‘You and I, in this beautiful world…’ totally portrayed their love, adventure and the fun they were having in complete togetherness. The little dog and the boy stole a million hearts, the dog also was called, ‘The Hutch dog.’ That little sweet dog is a Pug, who follows everywhere with loyalty and love.

The Pug loves to please her master and is anxious to learn and love. All she needs is love and you will have a friend who will stay by your side even in your testing times.

The name comes from the Latin word ‘pugnus’, which means fist, a reference to the shape of the dog’s face. In order to communicate with humans, she makes a grunting nasal noise, similar to a pig. She will love to snuggle with you and will do anything to be close to you, thus loving you all the more.

Their charming looks, small manageable size, ease of care and their friendly and affectionate nature, make them a perfect family dog. Their square muscular body gives the impression of strength and Pug is the dog for all occasions.


Dainty, royal, graceful, and distinguished by other breeds owing to their beautiful butterfly like ears, Papillon are big dogs in small packages. The y have all that you wish in your pawfect companion. They are smart, intellig ent, active and loving. Can you ask for more?

Papillons are one of the oldest breed of toy dogs. This fashionable dog was loved by esteemed dog-lovers such as Madame de Pompadour and Marie Antoinette and was also carried to court by France’s King Henry III. He was a favourite of many painters of the Renaissance period, who depicted him in many paintings.

Small and elegant, equally appealing is their friendly nature…they are simply the best. And what’s more, do not go by their small size as these truly companion dogs are extremely watchful.

Those butterfl y-like ears take my breath away…

For Papillon, the name speaks for itself because in French, Papillon means butterfly and the most distinguished characteristic of this breed is his large butterfl y-like ears. “They get a long fringe on the ears, which make them look beautiful and elegant; there is also another variety with the ears hanging down that is called a Phalene, meaning – Moth,” tells Sally Bacus, a reputed breeder of Papillon. Their coat is fi ne-haired, long and silky but puppies have short length fur. Their tail is long and set high and is highly fringed. Their colours can range from black & white, red & white and tri colour with black, brown & white. And, their average height is 8-11 inches and weigh around 3-5 kg.


If you are looking for a big dog in a small package, then Beagle is for you. He makes a wonderful companion dog, is easy to maintain and loves his family. Small is beautiful and the phrase perfectly defines a Beagle who has all the qualities you want in your best friend. Take a look at his soft brown eyes and feel your heart going to him. I once met a Beagle at a dog show and the moment, I looked into his eyes, I knew that I have fallen in love with him instantly.

The Beagle is a fun-loving hound who was originally bred to hunt rabbits by following a scent. Because of their acute sense of smell, Beagles are popularly used in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA, to sniff out banned substances at airports and to find traces of fire-raising substances in cases of suspected arson.

Bold in character, this little tail-wagger is known for his stamina and determination. He is alert and intelligent with an even temperament, showing no aggression or timidity. He also has a keen sense of smell and an eagerness to wander.

General characteristics

The Beagle is small-to-medium sized, compactly built and usually well muscled. The body is longer than tall. The head is fairly long and looks powerful without any frown or wrinkle. The skull is slightly domed. The tail is moderately long and the Beagle characteristically carries it like a flag above his back. The ears are long, but not as long as a Basset Hound. “When the ears are pulled forward, they should almost reach the end of the nose; when at rest they tip over and lie close to the head,” adds Dr. Suresh Bhimsingh, a renowned breeder of Beagles. The most striking and beautiful feature of Beagle is his eyes. His stare is totally mesmerizing! “The Beagle will look at you as if he doesn’t have a friend in the world except you. And sometimes your Beagle may have a jet black rim around his eyes (like someone has applied “Kaajal”) and then this look becomes all the more beautiful,” tells Bhimsingh with a twinkle in his eyes.

Beagles can be found in a variety of colours with combination of three basic hound colours, viz. black, white and brown. So, the Beagle could be tri-coloured or have just two colours: black and white, black and brown or brown and white. “You can also find Beagles in the different shades of brown such as red and white, lemon (very light brown) and white, or tan and white. But whatever the combination, the tip of the tail (stern) is usually white,” tells Bhimsingh.

They are small to medium sized dogs, typically height ranging from 13-15”. The males weigh around 10-11 kg while females weigh 9-10kgs and they have a life span of 10-15 years.

Lhasa Apso:

When I see a Lhasa Apso, I feel poetry flowing through me…those flowing tresses, beautiful expressive eyes, nice body line…they have everything that a poet looks for. Here’s some more info about this exotic breed. One look at the Lhasa Apsos and you will see a fur ball with a nose, full of life and fun. “Having a Lhasa Apso as your companion, is like a dream come true. It is a treat to the eyes to see them walking,” says Kumud Singh, a breeder of Lhasa Apsos for the last 7 years. He is a real pleasure to be with. “His keen intelligence and steadfast loyalty make him an ideal companion,” tells Partha Sekhar Chatterjee, licensed judge of Kennel Club of India.

A beautiful dog in a small package

Lhasa Apsos are small breed dogs who are not very tall and the proportion of their length and height is almost 2:3. They measure 10-11 inches at shoulder. They have a dense, long, heavy and shiny coat with an undercoat. Their long coat serves as an insulation barrier, keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The coat grows to floor length, even covering the eyes, which are protected by long eyelashes. The texture of the coat is neither soft nor silky. A puppy starts developing coat between 4-6 months. “When they sit, you cannot distinguish between their head or tail,” says Kumud Singh. They have a healthy bushy tail which falls on one side of the waist line and is not hooked. Their eyes are covered with fur and the only thing that you can notice on their face is the tip of their nose. But, once a Lhasa looks into your eyes, you will be floored, such is the power and the charisma of this breed. Their eyes are simply adorable and the way they look at you is totally mesmerising. Their ears have a black outline.

“Their coat varies over a wide range of colours and shadings from black at one end of the spectrum to solid white at the other,” tells Partha Sekhar. They are found in a lot of colours – golden, tri-colour on white (black, brown and golden), liver, sandal and sable, etc. They have a long life of upto 16 years and weigh around 5.9-6.8 kg.


Bold, confident, intelligent, energetic and charismatic…a Dachshund has all the qualities you would like in your canine friend and the bonus point is that all this is bundled into a small-sized dog who can easily live with you in your apartment.

As a young boy, I loved bigger breeds like Dobermans and Rottweilers and was successful in breeding good Rottweilers. My passion for Dachshunds started accidentally and will remain one until my last breath. It so happened that a photographer friend of mine who was immensely fond of Dachshunds called me up in the middle of the night, requesting me to house his Dachshund puppy for the night. That time, I had a beautiful male Rottweiler called Bobby, a massive dog with a sound temperament. I was apprehensive about Bobby’s reaction but my friend insisted and left his puppy with me. In the morning, as soon as my maid opened the door to get the milk, the puppy darted out. Bobby was unleashed and the whole house was in commotion. I ran out only to find Bobby standing in front of the puppy with his hair on his back fully raised. I was alarmed but surprisingly the puppy looked cool. I kept calling Bobby’s name and slowly swooped the puppy into my arms. In about two day’s time, the puppy was playing with Bobby and they became the best of pals. Such is the charisma of Dachshunds! This first experience with the Dachshund was so intriguing that I started importing Dachshunds from all over the world. I soon realised that one was not enough for me, and today I have 18 of them and they run my life.

Do not go with the size of these dogs as undoubtedly Dachshunds are big dogs in small packages.

Small ‘n’ elegant

The Dachshund is a short-legged, elongated dog breed of the hound family. The breed’s name is German and literally means “badger dog.” The standard size was developed to scent, chase, and hunt badgers and other hole-dwelling animals, while the miniature was to hunt rabbits. Due to the long, narrow build, they are sometimes referred in the United States and elsewhere as a wiener dog, hot dog, or sausage dog.

Perhaps the most striking characteristic of the Dachshund is his deep and soulful eyes. These eyes rightly fit into his expressive face, which you can gaze for hours on end.

The Dachshund can have three varieties of coat – smooth, wirehaired and longhaired – and these dogs can be standard-sized or miniature dogs.

They have a wide range of colouration, the dominant colours and patterns being red, black & tan and the not so common chocolate and tan.