Grow old with me


Time flies and before you know your little furry canine is all grown up. One thing you definitely want is for him not to get older. You’re a great pet parent but now with him ageing, you need to put that extra effort . Ensure that your veterinary visits are regular for a general health check up. Do consult your vet on any minor changes you notice. It is also important to look into his dietary needs and not to forget the time you spend with him providing him mental stimulation, exercise, care and tonnes of love. He’s always the one for you and he should know that. Your pawfect partner needs more time, more love , more attention than ever before.
One biting reality is that a lot of pets are actually abandoned in their ageing years, when they need their pet parents the most. These unfortunate souls are abandoned because of various sickness or simply the fact that they are old. Imagine after living their whole life where they are provided food, shelter, love -to be abandoned is just terrible. The dog not only has to survive in an unknown hostile environment fighting for his basics and also dealing with mental trauma of being abandoned- a very sad situation for this noble heart.
A lot of times we spot dogs in distress- the way to tackle the situation is -to help them. Extend your helping hand to all dogs in need. Provide veterinary help, try to get them to a nearby animal shelter and stand up for them. Spread awareness and let’s all unite to give them a happy and safe planet to live in!
Sparkle woofs a very Happy New Year to you and hope you take good care of your miracles with paws.
“Dogs are miracles with paws.” – Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy