Royal Canin nutritional expertise comes to nutritional supplement


Nutritional supplement
Supplement given outside normal meal times, provide a response to needs linked to specific situations. Today, Royal Canin is innovating nutritional supplement born from Health Nutrition: Educ, for training puppies and adult dogs.
Age, breed, sensitivities… Royal Canin has been providing dogs and cats with the most precise nutritional answers, whatever their specific needs, for over 40 years. The nutritional supplement is to be given as a complement to normal food, come from the same perspective of rigour and quality.
Make his reward a nutritional bonus
Educ…the nutritional reward: Rewarding a dog for desired behaviour during training is a natural and often very effective method. With Educ, the reward means no concessions in nutritional aspect: less than 3 kcal per unit to help maintain the dog’s ideal weight, a complex of vitamins E and C to support cellular function and a specific formula for optimal digestive safety.
Exceptionally palatable, Educ finally reconciles reward and good nutrition. Educ is non-greasy and easy to be break apart, while the 50g pack is practical and easy to use, making it ideal for training puppies (from 2 months) and adult dogs.