Jump with joy – with Pooch love!


New Year is not just the beginning of a new calendar, but it is much more – new hopes, new aspirations, new resolutions, etc – in fact, it gives us an opportunity to jump with joy and start afresh.
A UK survey was recently conducted to find how important pets are for pooch lovers, especially women and there were some interesting findings. As many as 25 percent women would dump a man if their pet did not like him…. hmmm… whoever said women can be wooed with hearts and chocolates should think again! And 50 percent women say their first ‘hello’ to their pet when they are back home… no wonder why pets are so excited to welcome them at the door! Not only this, 33 percent of women would sleep on the floor besides their sick pets. Other findings indicate that almost half of the pet parents are ready to incur any expense on their sick pets and 60 percent celebrate events like birthdays, Valentine’s, Mother’s and Father’s Days with their pets.
We recently conducted an opinion poll on Facebook on a select group of women (pet parents) who are dedicated to their furry babies and here’s what we found: Almost 100 percent women say ‘hello’ to their pooches first when they get home… there are no two answers about it. Similarly, all we interacted agreed that they love to talk to their paw friends.
Pets are always a part of celebrations at home…that’s a fact that all our respondents shared. What about pets and partners – Nishi Chand says, “I already told him before our marriage that I love animals and can never live without them… thank God he is also an animal lover.” While Ranjeeta Nath Ghai puts it, “You have to be on the same track if you have to live together…”
We also posted a question wherein we asked if they would sleep on the floor if their pet was ill and we got some really interesting responses. As Stephen Game shares, “Ill or not, I only sleep on the floor… I sleep on the floor for them and them only!” While, Manesh Krishna, Vatsala Shukla, Alka Paul, Tanvi Nagpal and Sahana Saran say that their pets sleep with them every day on their beds. Now, that’s what we call pooch love… kudos to all our pet parents!
Let’s all woof into this New Year 2013 and Sparkle is refusing to step out for walks as temperatures are dipping in northern India. Take care!