Let’s make Holi colourful for pooch!

Splashes of coloured water, dry gulal (colour) in the air, sweet ghujias and crunchy namkeens, fun ‘n’ frolic – this is what Holi is all about.

It is very important to keep your pets safe during Holi. Here are a few tips to make Holi ‘colourful’ for your pets:

  • Keep your pooch inside during the time people are playing Holi. Take him out only when the frenzy gets over.
  • Water balloons can hit your pet’s eyes and cause problems. So, keep your pooch away from children who play with them.
  • In case your pooch gets hit by a water balloon on his eye, wash his eye immediately. If irritation persists, contact your vet.
  • Since colours contain chemicals, they can harm your dog’s coat. Moreover, dogs can even lick the colour and fall sick. So, it is not a good idea to play Holi with your pet.
  • In case, your pooch ingests colour and consult your vet immediately.
  • Splashing water on pooches can make them catch cold. So, keep Mr Wet Nose away from getting wet.
  • After Holi, give your pooch a good bath with a dog shampoo only.
  • If by chance, his coat gets spotted with paint, trim the fur.
  • Do not feed him sweets and namkeens. Instead, give him his favourite treat.
  • Shower him with your ‘love’ because there’s no substitute for love. This definitely will add colour to his life!