The why’s of your pooch’s crazy antics


Sometimes your pooch behaves in a bizarre way that leave you completely baffled.

Here’s why …
Why do puppies chew up socks, old shoes, and purses?

Puppies like to explore new tastes besides when they have teething problems, they like to chew on things specially socks to relieve their pain and discomfort which is synonymous with teething. Puppies also chew due to separation anxiety. Chewing also helps them release their tension and anxiety.
Sometimes, pups and dogs chew out of sheer boredom, therefore take them out for a walk in the park. Besides, poor nutrition is also one of the causes leading to chewing. The absence of proper nutrients in your pooch’s daily diet can make her chew on many things in order to fulfill her need for the nutrients lacking in her diet. Feed your doggy with a good quality dog food.
On no condition give your puppy old shoes and socks to chew because your pooch does not know the difference between old and new, therefore whatever shoes and socks she sees, she will think they are meant for chewing. Instead, buy her chew toys.
Why do dogs chase cars?

It is inherent nature of dogs to run after moving objects whether it is a butterfly, cat, dog, rickshaw, car or a motorcycle but you must train your dog only to chase objects which are not harmful. Dogs love to chase moving vehicles therefore whenever you take her for a walk and you see a vehicle pass by her, hold the leash tightly so that your pooch does not run after the speeding vehicle and try to give it a chase.
You must strictly stop her and train her not to chase moving vehicles. Every time she obeys you, show her your appreciation by giving a nice rub on her back and her favourite juicy bone.
Why do dogs bark incessantly?

Dogs usually bark when they see strangers or perceive a threat from somebody.
They have a knack of perceiving a person’s personality and if they are not comfortable with the person, your pooch will bark to chase him away. This type of barking is known as good barking which can save you.
Besides this good barking there is another type of barking known as constant barking when your pet pooch barks incessantly at every visitor coming to your house. Train her not to bark at your friends and neighbours. And if she obeys you, reward her with her favourite food.
Take her around the neighborhood to become familiar with people living around. Once she comes to know them she will not bark at them.
Another way by which you can stop your pooch from constant barking is to provide her with plenty of exercise and engage her with activities in which she can play ball and provide her with chew toys to chew on. All these will keep her mentally engrossed and occupied to such an extent that there will be no reason for her to bark constantly.
Why do dogs roll on the ground after their bath?
Dogs roll on the ground after their bath in order to mask their scent. This is an instinctive behaviour that no amount of training is likely to change. Let them enjoy.
Why do dogs chase their tails?
A dog always chases her tail because she wants you to give her more attention.
Why do dogs eat grass?
In order to prevent your doggy from chewing on grass, give her treats like juicy bone of meat, her favourite biscuits, a round robust fish to eat, etc.
Why are dogs always afraid of thunder?
Dogs cannot stand the loud noise of thunder because they feel they cannot escape the danger brought about by the thunder because of its ear shattering noise. Keep her safe indoors during this time.
Why do dogs stick out their head of the car window?
When you take your pooch out for an outing in the car, she always sticks her head out of the window because she loves fresh air, new smells and the wonderful sights. To avoid accidents, hang on to her.