Innovation in the time of pandemic!


Dr Ashok Kumar

CP Vet, a chain of hospitals and pet shops in Delhi and NCR, has been into online pet treatment and consultation service. Making things faster and easier, this initiative was taken up as a strategy to resolve the inconveniences faced by pet parents while taking their pets to a clinic during COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everything and everyone in equal vulnerability. That’s why pet care services have been prioritised to make available to everyone during such unprecedented time. “We opened all our eight branches in Delhi and NCR with strict safety protocols during this pandemic. Unfortunately, some of our services like grooming have to be cancelled for safety reason,” says Dr Ashok Kumar, Founder, CP Vet.
Innovation in pandemic time and beyond
This new online service is not meant only for the COVID-19 period. This will be very much a part of the services they provide in future. In this respect, Dr Ashok shares, “Of course, we introduced it considering the current situation when pet parents are constantly facing difficulty in travelling and visiting clinics. Over the last few months they couldn’t easily come to our clinics. It’s indeed the need of the hour. ”

Functioning through video conference
It’s a personalised video app linked to the official website. “On this online service platform, pet parents can log in and communicate face-to-face with our vets through video conference. They can easily and comfortably share pictures and documents,” mentions Dr Ashok.

Identified case to be treated
The online service is for only basic treatments. “We have identified all cases that can be treated or consulted online. For example, problems like skin infection and other chronic diseases which have happened for a long period of time can be treated through our online service,” says Dr Ashok, adding that this facility is also suitable for those who would like to consult vets in post-surgeries or any other post treatment.

Visit a must for advanced treatment
When it comes to advanced treatments, online services are not viable. In this regard, Dr Ashok shares, “We will not conduct any advanced treatment online. For that, whenever a diagnosis is required, pet parents with their pets must visit our clinics.”

Beyond pandemic period
There are a lot of advantages of this newly introduced online treatment and consultation service. “Our new online platform will offer our customers the opportunity to connect with us and consult with our vets,” says Dr Ashok. He adds, “Another advantage of this service is for the aged pet parents who cannot frequently visit our clinics accompanying their pets.”

Appointment with a click
CP Vet has a separate webpage for this online consultation service. Pet parents can contact with the customer care for booking an appointment and time slots which they can fix as per their convenience. Even they book appointment via WhatsApp.

(CP Vet has a chain of eight hospitals in Delhi and NCR, which are well equipped with modern equipments and technologies including digital x-ray, ultrasound machines, in-house labs and grooming facilities. A team of 12 veterinarians and 55 staffers operate the hospitals round the clock. For booking an appointment for online treatment, log on to: