Erica Fernandes –Champion actress with her Champ


Talking to Erica Fernandes to know her lovely memories with her pets, how she evolved as a pet parent and what responsible pet parenting means to her.

Erica Fernandes is a popular Indian TV actress and model. She made her way into the audience’s heart through the beautiful portrayal of Dr Sonakshi Bose in the serial Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi. You also know her as the lovely Prerna from Kasauti Zindagi Kay. She has a YouTube channel where she shares amazing content and gives a glimpse of her pet loving side as well.

Roger that: Love for pets started young & early
Ever since my childhood I’ve had pets. And you know apart from dogs, we have had fish and turtles as well.

As a kid I remember getting home rescue animals/ birds (baby sparrow, hawks, and kitten). I would nurse them back to health and let them go. My first pet was Roger who was also a stray and ever since there has never been a moment without my furry friends!

Timeless treasures of my heart
I have had 10 – 12 pets in the past and most of them were strays. All my pets have a special place in my heart and there are so many heart-warming and memorable incidents. We had bought home an abandoned Lhasa and named him Ringo. He used to never leave my side and would lovingly follow me everywhere! When we used to play hide and seek I was the easiest to spot because he would always wait near the place I was hiding.

Champion actress and her Champ
I was gifted Champ on my birthday six years ago. He is an adorable Golden Retriever who loves cuddling and getting pampered. I love that he thinks of himself as a human baby, despite his size, and wants to sleep like a baby in my arms and on my lap. Pets have a very strong sense to know who is an animal lover or not.

I have taken Champ on short road trips and we have done 2-3 day trips. But one of the most memorable trips was to Mahabaleshwar with my brother and sister-in-law and he loved it. He enjoyed himself to the fullest being his naughty self.

Responsible pet parenting with sprinkling of spoiling him
I do look into his exercise and nutrition, but my parents see to it that they spoil him rotten. It’s true to say that Champ is a complete brat! He does have a meal plan, but I think he is more of a cat as he loves eating fish. His favourite treats are meat Jerky and Choostix.

Favourite activity together: Hide and seek

Annoying habits: He hates not being given attention so when we have guests over and are talking among ourselves he keeps on barking to get attention.

Qualities you love: He is a love bug and has only given us happy and fun filled memories. Pets know the concept of unconditional loving and we should definitely it learn from them.

Funny/crazy antics: After we enter home and he has welcomed us with his kisses the first thing he does is take our shoes and run away as if he is saying, “No, I’m not letting you have them or else you will leave me and go again.”

Remember that they are babies who refuse to grow! So spend time with your pets, make memories, and cherish the love they bless you with.