The unforgettables!


There are a few pooches who would be remembered for time immemorial! Nipper is one of the most popular dogs recognised by millions of music lovers. For those who have forgotten Nipper should pick up the record label for HMV (His Master’s Voice), which features a picture of Nipper listening to his master’s gramophone. Whew! Did it stir a few happy memories? I think yes.
A flashback into the history digs out that Nipper was a mutt from Bristol, England. Part Bull Terrier and part Fox Terrier, he was born in 1884. One of his human friends painted a picture of him listening to the gramophone, which eventually became the trademark of the Gramophone Company, London. Well, HMV is one of the most well-known and respected music and video retail brands around the globe and the dog and trumpet symbol, in particular, is instantly recognisable.