Rekindle your romance with kitties at Cat Cafe Studio


Cat Cafe Studio in Mumbai is the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon. Cats, board games, delicious food, and overflowing love – you get it all! What started as a small scale community has now grown to be an animal lover’s delight.
Humble beginnings lead to bigger changes
Cat Cafe studio was a dream turned into a reality when Charu and Mriidu Khosla and their partner Jason Moss, the founder of Zcyphher (an independent creative agency), initially began acknowledging the plight of stray cats in the area. They realised that these lovely beings are ignored, don’t get proper food, and there aren’t many people who care for these furry babies. The need for such an organisation gave rise to various ideas, and Cat Cafe Studio was eventually born. Starting with a single rescue, four paws turned to eight, and then there was no looking back. The cafe’s small studio space turned to a bungalow and their rescues multiplied manifolds over the years. With stars in their eyes, they began achieving various self set milestones and were gaining they say to voice the concerns of strays.
Ever growing family
Cat Cafe Studio currently houses 33 sterilised, vaccinated, happy cats (not that they’ve told us otherwise) they are up for adoption! Together with their sister NGO,The Feline Foundation, they have managed to perform 825 rescues, 547 adoptions, 222 strays treated on street and 493 sterilisations so far. They wish to continue feeding their passion and feed these strays till they all find loving and caring homes that will cater to their needs and love them like they wholeheartedly do.
Chill day at the cafe
Whether you’re an animal lover or just want to spend some me time amidst love and affection, Cat Cafe Studio is a great place. Here’s what you can enjoy at the cafe–

  • The cafe’s cat recommended munchies available at the counter (they are serious when they say cat recommended, they will try to sneak a bite of the hooman food) and a warm kitty snuggling up on your lap compelling you to pet them.
  • A view of our Zatoichi bumping into stuff and grooming herself after the momentary lapse of poise.
  • Eden, the cafe’s three-legged inquisitive bug who rushes into the loo every time a hooman opens the door (if he runs in with you, consider yourself blessed or gifted).

As much as we love cats, we have a few rules when it comes to the safety of our cats, the most important would be to not feed them the food you purchase for your consumption Due to their inquisitive nature and dire need to explore, they would love to lick and taste your food, what they fail to understand is that it is harmful for their health. So despite of their lusting eyes directed to your plate of Maggi, please do not feed them. Some other important rules would be to refrain from taking pictures with flash and to avoid waking up the sleeping
ones, they need their nap time.
A common misconception that people have is that the cafe adopted all the cats. This however couldn’t be more farther from the truth. Most of the cats rescued are returned to their environment. However, there are some cases that require specific care even after they have completely healed and they wouldn’t receive that on the streets. This is why Cat Cafe Studio strives to help them find a loving home.
Continuous efforts
On top of Cat Cafe Studio’s cat infused offices, (they have now claimed all the rooms their offices) they care for eight stray dogs who have made the premises their home. They are proud to say that their workspace is a happy place with lots of strays around. They don’t plan to change anything other than move forward. At the end of the day, they are just a bunch of people doing this out of the love for those strays. Their heart goes out to those cats and dogs who couldn’t make it due to old age or sickness. Cat Cafe Studio plans to continue to be a protector and helps find loving homes for these babies. Come visit at Cat Cafe Studio and fall in love with the furry buddies. There are 33 of them, so plenty of love for everyone! For more, log on to: