An honour to walk you!


It’s celebration time of the year again full of parties, goodies and not to forget the amazing weather. Being a dog parent, you know how your furry darling is always up at crack of dawn- and not to forget the signals for you to get up and move for his daily – most imp ritual- THE WALK. The signals as we might all share fondly- will sometimes be a gentle nudge with the cold adorable nose, at other times you will have a little tornado on your hand who is barking and jumping – saying hey lady- high time- just get up now!!! Sometimes having made his displeasure all too clear- he will be sleeping on 90% of the bed leaving you to sleep like a deflated ball- finally you give up again!!! There is yet another route- and I am sure many many more. Sparkle is quite qualified in giving me big time guilty pangs too- that is his last resort – the ultimate emotional key- he will just lie down and heave a big sigh and give a soulful look as if the world doesn’t care- having sensed that, I jump out of the bed, feeling guilty like hell – the rest is as we all know a happy story- jumping around the house, he has little patience watching me wear my shoes and always runs away with one- little realising the precious moments which are wasted in my trying to retrieve my shoe back!
The dance around the leash is like an African tribal dance and then at jet’s speed we’re out of the door – my keeping pace with him makes me and people around me wonder- who is taking who for a walk? But this is when the fun starts- the endless amount of sniffing and territory markings, not to forget the friends he spots- some he has a special corner for others, he just cannot stand- makes Sparkle a happy dog and me an even happier mommy!!
Walk your dog as many times a day as you can. If you are committed to him- you will always be on the leash with him. Exercise is very important for him and you. Keep him active. An active dog is a happy, healthy and loved dog. Do consult your vet on his age, breed and activity levels. Last but not the least; never forget the bowl of fresh water, which should always be available for him.
We don’t have Dog Parks in our country- this issue we have done a special feature on a Dog Park- hope you enjoy reading about the fun ‘n’ frolic people share with their beautiful canines and here’s hoping and wishing – we have some Dog Parks soon in our country – where pet passionate people can get together with our lil darlings and have a blast- Sparkle sure does love this idea and gives me a big woooooooooooof!!!