Dashing Dobes


Elegant in appearance, loyal, intelligent–that’s the Dobe for you. A well-bred, properly trained and disciplined Doberman is a wealth of joy for the family. Here’s more on this powerful and noble breed.

Protective, watchful and fearless, a Doberman’s affection towards his family is unlimited, says Javinder of Jaspar’s Kennels. You need to be blessed with one to know what it means to have a Dobe. These loyal and energetic dogs will take your heart away in no time.

Powerful ‘n elegant

One look at a Doberman Pinscher and the first word that comes to mind is elegant. They carry themselves proudly and with great nobility. Doberman has a medium-sized square body. Compactly built, they are muscular and powerful for great endurance and speed. The Doberman has a smooth and thick coat that lies close to the body. The height of male dogs is around 26-28” while that of female dogs is 24-26”– added Bala of Jebaans Kennels. “They are available in black, red, blue and fawn all with tan markings,” told Javinder. 

Watchful ‘n loyal

“Energetic, determined, alert, obedient and willingness to please, that’s how a Doberman is,” sums up Bala. If properly trained, they are the best as pets for children. 

“They are good with children provided they are introduced to them at their growing up stage. Unlike many breeds, Dobermans are vigilant even as young puppies, they are aware and watchful of strangers and their surrounding,” told Javinder.
Living with the bundle of energy
“Dobermans are family dogs and they live best when kept as a family member inside the house. In fact, they love the company of all the family members, one should never neglect a dog as they are very sentimental and do understand that they are not well taken care of,” told Sanjay of Kiro Doberman’s.
“The Doberman is a working dog with bundles of energy. He is ever ready at all times with tremendous adaptability. This is not a breed suited for everyone. The secret to successful living with a Doberman is to give him a daily function in the family environment, letting him clearly know of what is expected of him. A Dobe knows when to protect, when to growl, when to smile and when you are in need, he is always there!” added Bala. “They need human interaction and lot of play, especially when growing up,” told Javinder.

Quantum of exercise

“As puppies, they all just need to play around with their parent and enjoy being a puppy. At junior age, between 4-8 months, one needs to start their leash training and walking for shorter distances in beginning and then for longer distances. After seven months, they need to be trained for vigorous exercise, like up to two km running along with obedient classes in between,” told Bala.
“The best would be to exercise your adult dogs for a time span of 30- 45 min (max) at one time. Long walks are very much advisable. You can also cycle your dog for 20-25 min on clean roads. Make sure the dogs are not exercised after they have taken their food,” added Sanjay and warned against over-exercising one’s pet.
Before you bring home a pup
“Temperament is fundamental to the breed and should never be compromised on. Always ensure that you buy a puppy from a responsible breeder and be aware of the temperament of the parents,” advised Javinder.
Puppy care
“Regular puppy care with socializing,” added Javinder. Whatever puppies learn, it has a lasting impact on their lives ahead. So, a puppy should be allowed to be a puppy and no negative experiences. They should be fed with quality food four times a day and should get their shots and vaccines in due period. They should be conditioned properly to mould into a good adult later–told Bala.
Good quality dog foods are best for complete nourishment of the puppy. Give the puppy enough space to run and play so that he will have natural exercise, which is very important,” advised Sanjay.
Groom me little

One of the best features of a Doberman is his easycare coat. They do not shed much hair. The coat should be brushed on a regular basis to remove excess hair, which will help control any shedding and should also be done before bathing. A damp cloth can be used for in-between bathing to clean dirty areas including the bottom of the feet. A well-maintained coat will exhibit a healthy shine, will be smooth and close fitting to the body and is one of the Doberman’s most beautiful attributes. 

Use only tepid water and warm water may be avoided. During a bathing session, avoid the dog’s eyes and ears. Cotton balls can be placed in the ears to help keep water out. After wetting the dog thoroughly, wash with a dog shampoo using a sponge or your hand. Work from the rear to the head giving special attention to areas that tend to get extra dirty such as the bottom of the feet. Completely rinse the shampoo from his body and dry with a heavy towel. A hand blow-dryer can be used to fully dry him. Brush him again after bathing–added Sanjay.
“The dog’s teeth may be cleaned at regular intervals, take him to your vet/groomer for paw care. The ears should be examined at regular intervals and cleaned of wax and dirt that may accumulate. Consult your vet if you notice any problem,” told Bala.
Health issues
“Doberman is quite a trouble free breed. Hereditary problems such as heart and blood disorders are known to occur but are rare,” told Javinder.
Why we adore them?
“This is one of the most noble and dedicated breeds. Love the breed and he will be your best friend forever,” concluded Sanjay. They are simply the best–told Bala.
(Inputs from Mr. Bala – Jebaans Kennels; Mr. Javinder – Jaspar’s Kennels; and Mr. Sanjay Khan – Kiro Doberman’s)