Celebrating Milestone of 18 Years

Shweta Khura
Shweta Khurana

As we bring our 18th Anniversary Issue our focus is on complete and overall wellbeing and wellness of our paw family. At a recent trip to Palampur in Himachal Pradesh I was very Happy to meet the Dean and Professors of ‘Dr GC Negi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences’— excellent faculty, passionate students, and beauty of the college campus actually left me spell bound. Apart from the daily healing and research activities they undertake, they regularly hold free rabies camps every Friday and are a true haven for the injured and the sick. A strong point which came out from the discussions were that the pet professionals from varied fields need to stand together as one. Currently, we work in a very isolated space but if we come together – together we can be a force in aiming and solving many problems.

One of the problems, which plague the interiors and places in high altitudes, is the lack of food and medicines for animals. If companies in their CSR roles collaborate with each other and also with the institutes operating in areas which are remote, food and medicine supplies can reach animals who are in need. Thus, preventing many unfortunate incidents that arise due to hunger or ill health. And in a true sense of the word, it can prevent a dog-eat-dogsituation!

As this issue marks our 18th Anniversary, we like to bring forward people who passionately work towards the wellness and wellbeing of our darlings. Read our articles: Pet Professionals Put Their Best Paw Forward, Wellness is Wealth – Nurturing the Bond with Your Furry Friend, also sniff our special series of 18 Ways articles written with love and carefully compiled and curated by Varsha Verma, Kritika Manchanda and Nitya Ramachandran.

It sure is a milestone 18 Years, never did our team ever imagine that the first step we stook way back in 2004 will lead us to such a journey so far, enriching, meeting fantastic paws, people, professionals and give us so many memories along the way. Our CEO and Chief Editor sure is smiling—Sparkle did start a spark and it truly does feel great to hear or meet people who have been a part of our journey. So, let’s celebrate together and be there for our PAWS always… in all their Woofs and Meows, we commit to all of them in our homes and the not so fortunate to come together to make a better world for them.

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