Pet Professionals Put Their Best Paw Forward!

Pet professionals — groomers, vets, pet shop owners, and trainers— have helped your pet in more ways than one. As we celebrate our 18th anniversary, here’s showing our respect and understanding what they have to say!


Taking care of pets is the utmost responsibility of pet-parents, but when you have the backing of pet-shop owners to provide all the necessities, vets to take care of your furry friend’s health and wellbeing, groomers to make them look and feel good, and trainers to help them with social skills, things become a lot easier.

Vital Vets

Vets take care of overall wellness and wellbeing. They have worked throughout the pandemic to provide unmatched care for your pets. Here’s what some vets have to say about latest developments in pet healthcare and their general well-being.

Pinpointing the diagnosis is the latest innovation in pet health care. With the advancement of diagnostic techniques and facilities, it is effective to plan the line of treatment for whatever the diseases may be. Digital X-ray, ultrasound, ECG, echo-cardiogram, laparoscopy, and almost all types of necessary blood tests are making the practices of medicine and surgery more insightful. Thus, we can accept challenges.

Talking about new advancements in pet clinics and hospitals in India –

  • There is availability of all kind of medicines, emergency drug molecules and equipments to combat sudden emergencies and run critical care units.
  • Availability of all types of dependable pet foods and supplements for health, skin, and coat.
  • Availability of experienced and qualified veterinary doctors with specialization in various fields. In a highly sophisticated profession like this, profound knowledge and skills are always essential to implement advancements. Information, skills, and knowledge give a combination which makes a clinic or hospital set up indispensable. Experience of veterinarian plays a decisive role here. Senior vets with vast experiences are engaging in clinical practices more rapidly to cope up with the demands of the society.

– Dr Chandrakanta Chakraborty

Cats & Dogs Treatment Centre (Shrirampur near Kolkata)

There are many changes ranging from advanced diagnostic facilities for pets including Digital X-rays, ultrasound, ECHO cardiography, laser therapy, urine analysis, automated blood counting machines, blood biochemical analyzers, ECG, and more. The latest advancement in pet healthcare in India is pet ophthalmology. The latest trend and remarkable innovations have happened in the field of exotic pets. There are facilities throughout the country for the treatment of turtles, birds, and other pet reptiles. As India has more government veterinary hospitals and many pet parents depend on them, more and more government pet clinics have now become 24X7, providing veterinary care round the clock.

-Dr. Suranjan Sarkar

Complete Dog Care (Ranchi)

Pets have become an important part of many families, providing emotional support and a sense of pleasure to their owners. Awareness among pet-parents has risen drastically. Pet parents in metro cities, as well as tier-2 and tier-3 cities, are aware of proper pet care techniques and demand the same from veterinarians. It is true that diabetes, obesity, kidney, and thyroid abnormalities affect pets just like humans. These lifestyle disorders can be addressed to extend the life span of pets. Thanks to recent innovation in diagnostics, treatment, and management features. Veterinarians are bringing their practice up to international standards because of shared knowledge. Several multi-specialty clinics are sprouting up in major cities. These clinics have the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment technology.”

-Dr Manjulkar

Pet Care Centre (Akola)

Indian Vets are developing in house facilities for diagnostic purposes. Vets work relentlessly to provide your pets the best treatment. There are lots of advancements in veterinary practice. MRI and CT scans have become popular in regular practice and complex surgeries are also being performed to save your pet’s life.

-Dr Nilesh Jadhav,

Nirmal Pet Clinic (Aurangabad)

Glorious Groomers

Sparkle and shine with impeccable pet groomers. You might have a grooming routine at home for your pet, but might not be able to match the skills of a professional. Let’s see what the groomers have to say about taking care of your pets.

A professional groomer not only makes your pet look clean and pretty, but also takes care of his hygiene and wellbeing. A good professional groomer will be able to identify a pets’ health condition by looking at the condition of its skin and coat, will check for parasite infections, keep long haired pets tangle free, identify unchecked lumps and bumps or even issues like joint problems, ear and eye infections or ingrown nails.

Home grooming by pet-parents is really important and can become a great bonding activity between you and your pet. Regular brushing of long-haired pets will help keep their fur tangle-free, free from parasites, and also keep off excess dirt. Home maintenance will make regular visits to a professional groomer stress-free for the pet, pet-parent, and the groomer because the pet is used to the process. Pet parents should educate themselves about the breed of their pets, grooming requirements and the tools required to help them. A professional groomer will always be happy to help you understand the best way to use grooming tools at home without any stress or causing any injury to the pet.

-Andrea Cyril Khurana,

Pets Icon Grooming Academy (Mumbai)

Just like us our pets also need professional grooming to maintain basic hygiene. With hygiene comes good health. Though we groom our pets at home, one professional grooming session a month is required. Keep these points in mind when picking a groomer for your pet –

  • Check whether the groomer is trained and certified
  • Distance from your residence
  • Allows you to watch the grooming session
  • Always ask for other pet parent’s reference
  • Carry pet health record
  • Before dropping the pet just visit the store along with your pet, 4-5 days prior to appointment.
  • Please let the groomer know if the pet is aggressive, hyper-active, or has had any surgery within last year, etc.”

-Almas Shariff,

Amore Pet Spa (Bengaluru)

Professional grooming is must for pets in every four to six weeks to maintain healthy coat and skin, as well to look & smell great.For pet owners at home it’s good to groom pets regularly with comb according to breed standard to keep hair in a good condition, free from dirt, prevent tangles& keeping skin clean .

Trending haircut styles are – teddy bear cut for Poodle and Poodle mix breeds, top knot for Shih-tzu, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, lion cut for Chow-Chow etc.”

-M. Vijay

VJ’s Pet Passion (Raipur)

Pet grooming has turned from luxury to necessity. A professional groomer has a trained eye and will make sure to use the best products that are apt for your pets’ coat and skin conditions. They can identify if there are any underlying skin conditions remove old dead hair and skin and can help you spot for ticks, fleas they will help you control shedding and removing ticks and fleas in a safe manner.”

-Joyce Alvares,

Joyce’s Pet Spa (Mumbai)

Pawsome Petshops

Just like your basic necessities were available throughout the pandemic, pet-shop owners have worked really hard through these tough times to ensure your pets get what they want. Most pet shops are especially curated keeping the varying needs of your pet in mind.

Today’s pet parent is looking for high quality and individualized food for their pet. It is important that the pet-parent feels confident and secure in the food that they are feeding their furry companions. In the coming years, I am sure there will be more innovations like better ingredients, alternative proteins, plant-based diets. The cat food sector is especially expanding at a phenomenal rate.”

-Rajiv Barua

Pets n Ponds (Nagpur)

I am seeing the pet industry growing at a fast pace. In the next five years, I am hoping there will be more varieties of premium dog foods and more high-quality foods in the market. At our shop, we deal in all sorts of pet foods, accessories, toys, and treats. And we also provide vet services.”

-Surjit Saha

Saha’s Dog World (Tripura)

Terrific Trainers

Training your pets to be the best version of themselves. Dog trainers help your pet learn social skills and their role is inevitable. Here’s what some of the trainers from different parts of the country have to say.

Training makes yours and your pet’s life a lot easier. It gives a direction for you to talk to your pet and understand them. Dogs who are not trained can be unpredictable. Imagine you’re knocking on someone’s door and a dog appears without warning. And even on pet-parent’s commands the pet is not listening. This can happen if the pet is not trained. The awareness of dog training is increasing especially because of social media.”

-Manish Kanojia

K9 Dog Training Centre (Jabalpur)

Training is really important as it brings discipline in your pet’s life. Without proper training, your pet can unknowingly destroy things around the house. The biggest difference between a trained and an untrained pet is their discipline and routine. I believe that overseas trainers do a lot more experiments in training practices because of the many resources available. Dog training is my passion and I believe the more one wants to learn the more one will succeed. That’s why for being a good trainer one needs a company of good trainer.

-Shamsher Khan

S.K Dog Training Centre (Jamshedpur)