The world of mini dogs


Most of us are fascinated by Mini dogs who are not only cute and feisty but also form excellent companions. Royal Canin offers the perfect diet to take care of their heath.
Mini dogs – small in size, big on personality
The enormous physical variety of the Mini dogs (weighing 5-10 kg) means that pet parents can choose their ideal dog: the playful, lively character of these little dogs, linked to a friendly nature, makes them very loving companions. However, their strong nature, which brings them close to their pet parent, can also affect the pet parent – dog relationship and have consequences on the dog’s health (overweight, fussy appetite, etc.).
Mini-dogs are also multi-talented: their uses include herding, guarding, hunting both below and above ground and also showing. They are also frequent visitors to grooming parlours, for both beauty care and hygiene reasons.
Mini size health nutrition:

benefits across the board

Physiologically, the Mini dog reaches adulthood at around 10 months old (compared to 18-24 months for Giant dogs), and has a very long life expectancy, with an average of 14-15 years. Increased life expectancy exposes Mini dog to problems which shorter-lived dogs don’t have. Other lifestyle-associated risks have also been taken into account in this programme:

  • Oral-dental sensitivity
  • Sensitive skin and coat
  • Overweight: Whether linked to lack of exercise in normally very energetic dogs, dietary errors, such as overfeeding compared to the manufacturer’s recommendations or too many treats, overweight is on the up…87% of the pet parents give their dog treats. Sterilization is also a predisposing factor in being overweight.

Depending on the dog’s activity level, age or breed, the balance of fat and protein, plus L-carnitine supplementation (to mobilize fats) ensures the dog is on a high-protein regime which keeps him in good shape.
The pawfect Mini-size food
In 1997, Royal Canin set the world standard for canine nutritional programme adapted not just to a dog’s age and activity level, but also to the fundamental morphological and physiological differences which differentiate the enormous variety of dog breeds. 
The smallest (in terms of size) category – the Mini universe- is based on an ideal adult weight of between 1 and 10 kg, encompassing around 80 of the 351 breeds recognized by the FCI. The sector is divided between Toy (less than 5 kg) and Mini (from 5-10 kg).
Mini Adult 27 ensures maintenance of ideal weight in adult dogs. The portion recommendations shown on the pack must be observed, particularly where pet parents feed home-made foods or treats, because top of the range dry foods are as much as three times higher in energy than lower quality product.
What’s more? The packaging is environment-friendly, made of 70% cardboard, printed with water-based solvent-free ink and is recyclable and has reclosing system.