Wagging welcome to 2009


The new year has begun…with new aspirations and renewed spirits. While some of youby, Shweta Khuranawould have spent the new year’s eve partying, others would have quietly enjoyed the warm comforts at home. A group of five students in Mumbai had an altogether different new year bash. While they were enjoying a walk after dinner, they happened to see a woman trying to slaughter a puppy as a ritual to gain wealth. The students not only rescued the puppy, but also took him to a veterinary clinic to ensure that the pup gets timely medical aid. Three cheers to these students! What a wonderful way to start the new year!
World over, people are talking about recession and everybody is feeling the pinch but we never thought that our dogs would also face the brunt. In these trying times, a few pedigreed dog owners in different parts of the world have abandoned their dogs as they are unable to bear the high cost of ownership.
However, little do they realise that dogs are our family members and it may be difficult for them to find new homes and adjust there. A responsible ownership demands that we should be prepared to take care of our canines in all situations. These loyal friends need at least this kind of loyalty from us.
Tiertafel (Animal Dining Table), a pet welfare association in Germany has come up with such an innovative concept of soup kitchen for pets where pensioners and those on the dole qualify for free pet food buffet. It thus helps people with no disposable incomes to keep their pets at home. Today, they have 19 soup kitchens across the country, with 30 more in the pipeline. So, let us all come forward and devise ways and means to help families who are unable to keep their pets with themselves. Sparkle gives a loud ‘Woof’ of approval and wishes you all a very Happy New Year.
– Shweta