Friend, partner, inspiration!


“Padman was my brother (cousin), it was the love for dogs that bonded us together, that’s how was born. If I had to describe one quality of Padman that I most admired it was his sincerity and how he just could not tolerate people who weren’t sincere. I lost a Brother, Friend, Mentor, and most of all a person who taught me values in life.”

–Dr. Suresh Bhimsingh

“Padman was introduced to me just a couple of years ago and I saw a true friend in him, always ready to help. He was genuine and very good hearted. People never know how special someone is until they leave. Some people come into our lives and quickly go, leaving footprints on our hearts. And we were never, ever the same.”

–Dr. Balaji

“I had the honour and privilege of knowing Padman for over 12 years and over time came to consider Padman as an elder brother. Padman spent a fortune importing Dachshunds from across the globe, to improve the gene pool and breed in India. The secret of Padman’s success in Dachs was his consistent thirst and desire to continually learn.

Padman, your loss leaves me with a great void in my heart. God bless you my dear brother and may you rest in eternal peace. We love you very much and thank you for all you did for Dachs and pedigree dogs.”
–Gopi & Christine Krishnan – Hacienda Dachshunds, Malaysia

“I met Padman in 1992, little did I know that this would be the turning point of my life. From that point on each and every move was only ‘Anna’, the only person I know who was helpful to EVERYONE in life. All that I am today is ONLY thanks to him. Anna’s place can never be fi lled by anyone, he is with me with all my ‘Padpranpark’ ventures and with Anna’s family we will make sure that we carry on his legacy.”


“Padman was the one I always turned to for all fi nal and major decisions in my life. We all have heard of the poem ‘Footprints in the Sand’ where we question God asking him that during the most difficult moments in our lives why was there only one set of footprints in the sand instead of two (HIS and ours)? God’s answer was that in our most challenging times he was carrying us in his arms and that was HIS footprints we could see in the sand. In my most difficult moments, it was Padman’s footprints and not that of God.

I will miss him dearly but in the same breath I will also thank God for having given me the honor of having him as part of my life for 8 years.”

“I was in search of a friendly pet for my only son – Spandan, sometime during 2002. My fi rst meeting with him was in his residence when I purchased my fi rst dog ‘Bruno,’ who was just 43 days old. In the process, I came very close to him and our interaction became a daily ritual. On his encouragement, I started going to dog shows with Bruno and fi nally titled him too. I am yet to see a more down to earth, straightforward and kindhearted gentleman like him. 12th December will remain a Black Friday for me for ever. The Dachshunds and the Dachshunds lovers lost their dear father to God.”

–Subrata Banerjee, Vice President,
Jaypee Residency Manor, Mussoorie

“There is no way to describe in one word, a person like Padman, he was a dynamic human being, extremely supportive when it came to friendship or just a helping hand. I never knew him to turn anyone away.There will be a hole in KCI, now that he is no more…..Padman was an avid dog lover and a KCI member whose approachability stood out.

My eyes well up with tears…still can’t believe he isn’t around. U will be missed in so many countless ways, but never forgotten.”
–Your friend always & forever Mili