Let’s walk a mile and get back the smile


Cuddly canines are our friends for life…well they also improve our quality of life. While spending time with them helps in keeping up the high sprits…going for a walk with them has its own benefits. Let’s see how.
Our furry canine cuties have filled our lives with loads of fun and laughter…we feel more joyous with them, and our enthusiasm level doubles. Well! It’s not just a pooch-lover thought any more. University of Portsmouth has found that UK’s 6.2 million dogs have motivated their 15 million owners for daily walk, which eventually helped them in many ways. We always knew that going on a long walk with our pooches makes us more elated and now it’s been scientifically proven also.
There are countless benefits of having pets…and when they become our stroll companions, we cannot ask for more…

  1. A regular walk with a dog improves cardiovascular development, strengthens muscles and bones, lowers blood pressure etc. And you thought it only made your dog healthier.
  2. Psychological studies have also proved that walk with a pooch is highly helpful to persons who are feeling low or depressed. It helps in rejuvenating and getting high spirits back. A sure way to say bye-bye to anti-depressants.
  3. Going on a walk with doggies expand our social network and we meet more likeminded people, which is beneficial for our personality development.
  4. Children who regularly go for a walk with their canines find it encouraging to spend more time outdoors which eventually, leads them to be involved more in outdoor activities. And with the current problem of children being glued to TV or computers, it comes as a good respite.
  5. It is a well-known fact that being close to nature improves our immune system…so for patients recovering from surgery and illness…such walks work wonders. It reduces stress level and accelerates recovery.

So don’t be a couch potato any more…just get the leash and unleash your spirits…keep walking for a healthier dog and fitter you!
-Smita Mishra