What’s normal? What’s not?


Find out about your cat’s behaviour.

  • Sleepyheads: Cats love to sleep and will keep sleeping even if it is noisy.
  • Scratching: It is a normal behaviour for a cat to scratch. In order to prevent this unwanted behaviour, train him right when he is a kitten.
  • Cats eat frequently: Cats eat frequently, sometimes even a nibble. Frequent eating keeps their digestive condition in an optimal condition.
  • Fasting for a day or two: Sometimes, a cat does not eat for a day or two – this is normal as long as they do not appear sick. If you have doubts, do consult your vet.
  • Hiding litter: Cats are clean creatures and they do not like to show their litter. They cover and hide up their business. So, keep their litterboxes in a secluded place and change litter frequently.
  • Not using litterbox: If your cat has suddenly stopped using his litterbox, it could be a sign of illness. Contact your vet immediately.