Stunning Yorkshire Terrier


Alert, confident, self-assured and at the same time cute – a Yorkie is an attention-seeker, but with those lovely looks and beautiful temperament, attentions come to them naturally. Here’s more about this awesome breed.
If you ask to define Yorkies in one sentence, it would say – ‘Big personalities in a small package!’ A well-groomed Yorkie will outshine all the breeds as they are one of the most attractive breeds.
Stunning looks…
A Yorkshire Terrier is a small breed of Terrier type. Yorkies are compact in size. Body is neat, compact and well proportioned. It is interesting to note that the dog has a very alert personality with vigilant eyes. He has an overall self assured and confident mannerism. Weighing maximum 3.2 kg, his coat colour is blue-gray, black, and tan, which is long and hangs straight and parts down the middle. The hair is glossy, fine, straight and silky.
Good temperament…
They are very alert, energetic, active and over protective. They love attention and are an easy breed to train. This results from their own nature to work without human assistance.
Living with a Yorkie….
It’s fun to have such a beautiful breed around. They are a very proud breed and do not easily get friendly with new guest. They are perfect for small apartments too. They go very well with kids but we need to also make kids understand that they should not hit them while playing.
They demand lot of attention as it is their basic character. You might not take your eyes off from well-groomed Yorkie around you. They are perfect companion in the house especially because they are hypoallergenic. They don’t shed hair like other breeds and do not smell.
My Yorkie ‘Fredy’ can sense that I am home from long distance even if I am parking the car outside. He is so happy to see all the family members every time we go out and come back. He knows who has arrived and when. Even if someone arrives in the middle of the night he will react even before the door bell is pressed.
Pup care…
Eight weeks is the minimum age before which adopting the dog at home is not advisable. In fact, in case of Yorkies, one could even wait a bit more as they are a very tiny breed. The pet parent should also be very watchful of the food contents being fed to the puppy. However, the most important aspect about taking care of the dog is the personal warmth and care of the pet parent.
Exercise and play…
They are active little dogs. Play will take care of most of their exercise needs. If trained well, they can search anything you hide. They would love to run and look for rats. Running is their favourite fun time. Besides, daily walk is important for them. They need to go out and romp off lead in a safe fenced area.
Health problems…
Their digestive system is sluggish which can cause problems. Other health issues include bronchitis, lymphangiectasia, portosystemic shunt, cataracts and keratitis sicca, arthritis and dysplasia. Also, they are prone to catch lot of infections through skin, ears, teeth, and eyes with ears being the weakest point through which bacterial infection sets in. It is important to take necessary precautions to avoid your puppy falling prey to these disease and infections which can be a fatal blow to the fitness of the dog.
Tips to pet parents…
Yorkies are one of the best breeds for a house with children. If you are blessed with a Yorkie, then spend time in grooming and learning about the breed. Try to buy dogs from recognised breeders after understanding the basic standards of the breed.
If you have a good Yorkie then spend time in grooming and learning about the breed. Unfortunately in India, we don’t have much Yorkie breeders thus we don’t see Yorkie in shows. Try to buy dogs from recognised breeders after understanding the basic standards of the breed.
Fantastic Fredy…
At present, my Yorkie Fredy Mercury is among the top winning Yorkies in the country. I travelled all the way to Czech Republic to get Fredy. He is from one of the reputed Yorkie kennels of the world i.e. Stribrne Prani. His dam and sire are champions in more than 20 countries individually. I am making an effort to get this breed more recognised in India by importing, showing and breeding Yorkshire Terrier. I hope other breeders make their contribution too.
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Grooming needs…
Grooming a Yorkshire Terrier is quite a challenging task as this long-haired breed requires bathing, brushing, trimming and so on to make his coat elegant and healthy. Here are some grooming tips.
Bathing: Bathing is compulsory for every Yorkie, but the considerable point is the frequency which pet parents must decide according to the type of shampoo they choose. The shampoo should not remove natural oil from the dog’s skin and coat that can cause hair and skin damage. Using standard shampoo, Yorkie can be bathed once every 2-3 weeks.
Brushing: One of the most important tasks in grooming a Yorkie is brushing. Always use a spray conditioner to soften the coat while brushing. Brushing should start from the strands of hair and proceed on to the body. In case of tangle or mat in coat, avoid using brush, gently use your fingers to pull apart the tangled portion.
Tooth brushing: Yorkies are prone to tooth decay. Brush their teeth using toothpastes exclusively formulated for dogs.
Nail trimming: Yorkies require regular trimming of their nails. Difficult part in this task is that Yorkies have black nails which often defy where the underlying skin in the nail bed begins. It’s wise idea to get the nails trimmed by a groomer or vet.
Ear caring: It’s important to properly trim the ear hair of Yorkie puppies and some adults. Also, you can clean their ears at the same time. These tasks can also be done at home.
As long as trimming of your Yorkie is concerned, it is recommended to take him to a professional groomer.