LaPerms: all about curves ‘n’ curls


Elegant, athletic, lively, social, shaggy curls and ringlets… the LaPerms are the epitome of beauty and fun.
Large but beautiful
Anulika á Chardani DK
A curly kitten breed is born… In the spring of 1982 on a farm just near to Dallas, Oregon the LaPerm cat was born. Linda Koehl (founder of the LaPerm breed), was surprised to see an unusual looking bald kitten out of a litter of plain barn cats, and at first dismissed the kitten as a mutant. Linda named her “Curly” after she grew a coat of curls, and her temperament was just as unique as her coat. Curly has left behind her progeny of curly coated, doggedly affectionate kittens who were later named the LaPerm. LaPerm…a kitty of moderation This muscular, medium-sized cat has long neck and legs. Perhaps the most striking feature is her unusual coat, which has a unique textured feel. Velvet-like, their coat is soft to touch. You will be mesmerised with their wavy or curly hair, which forms ringlets on the neck and the ruff. Their head is a modified wedge with gently rounded contours and a muzzle. Broad noses, flared ears are and expressive almond shaped eyes…complete their beautiful looks. The tails of long-haired are curly while that of short-haired is like bottlebrushes. They are available in colours like tabbies, reds and torties, besides lilac, chocolate and colorpoints. LaPerms…pleasure to be with These cats are doggedly affectionate and incredibly docile. They are by far the most intelligent and witty cat. Taking care of LaPerm curls They are essentially lowshedding, low-maintenance pets. Rubber brushes should never be used as they can strip the fragile coats; only a revolving toothed comb will move through the coat easily without pulling out the fur or pulling the lovely curls straight. Too much grooming leaves the coat looking like a frizz-ball and takes away the desired definition of the curls. However, a spritz with plain water and a scrunch will help to redefine the curls. LaPerms…healthy kitties LaPerms are a healthy and robust breed with no known breedrelated health problems. (With inputs from Anthony Nichols and Martine Sansoucy. Martine has been raising and showing TICA Registered LaPerms for almost 12 years in Canada. Anthony Nichols has been showing cats for twenty year and mainly bred LaPerms. He imported the first LaPerms into the UK from the USA ( and is actively working with other breeders to achieve full championship recognition for the LaPerm in the GCCF.)