The Napoleon Cat


An excellent combo of beauty and heart–it’s hard to resist these amazingly wonderful little cats!

Napoleon…best of two breeds

The Napoleon cat breed was originally conceived by Joe Smith by cross breeding between the Munchkin breed and Persian breed group (Persian, Himalayan and Exotic Shorthair). That’s the reason why Napoleons possess the very best characteristics of both the breeds.

Beautiful and elegant

Napoleons are beautiful medium-sized cats with round heads, big round expressive eyes and strong cobby bodies. Standard Napoleons have short legs while non-standard ones have regular length legs. Although the short legs are one of the key trademarks of a Napoleon breed, all litters have both long and short-legged kittens due to the genetics involved. Non-standard Napoleons have all the wonderful characteristics of their short-legged littermates, except the short legs.

Though all Napoleon breeds have a similar body structure, their coats come in a range of varieties. They can have coats of any lengths, from very short to very long. The texture also varies a great deal. Their colours come in a rainbow as any colour of cat can be found among them.

Excellent persona

Having amazing personalities, Napoleons are friendly and affectionate cats with a playful yet relaxed demeanour. Napoleons are wonderful cats to share your home with. They are always seeking attention and will frequently follow you around from room to room just to be near you. They are excellent cats for families with small children as well, due to their laid back temperament. Having visitors over with a Napoleon is no problem unless the guests do not like cats!

Napoleons will be the first to greet a visitor at the door and be sure to make good friend with them before they leave. Since they are highly sociable, whenever you are out for a long time, it is highly recommended that there must be another cat or a dog to keep them company in your absence. You will also want to make room form them in your bed as Napoleons love to curl up and sleep with you.

Brush them beautiful

Most Napoleons have fairly low maintenance coats. However, a good regular brushing is always important to keep them beautiful and knot free.

Living with them…nice and easy

Along with their extraordinary beauty and excellent dispositions, Napoleons are easy cats to live with and care for. They are healthy cats and generally do not require any extra work or special care than any average cat does. Simply provide them with their basic needs along with a good cat tree, some entertaining toys and a warm lap to curl up in and you will have a friend for life.

(Kristin DuBois, owner of Blue Skies Cattery has been involved with breeding of Napoleons for more than three years. He is continuously striving to produce the best Napoleon breeds.)