Signs which show your kitty is pregnant


The normal gestation time for cats is 64 to 69 days, which is roughly two months. It takes three weeks before cat
pregnancy signs become visible. During the first weeks of cat’s gestation, it’s almost impossible to notice that she is pregnant. In general, she will behave normally. Here are a few signs that show your cat is pregnant:

  • Her nipples become pink after about three weeks. From that moment, it will take six weeks before the kittens arrive. Your vet will be able to confirm if she’s pregnant.
  • Pregnant kitties sleep more and are not interested in male cats. Heat cycles stop and she becomes more loving.
  • If your cat used to walk outside, she will voluntarily spend more time at home during gestation.
  • During pregnancy, a cat will gain weight. But it lasts until the fifth week before this becomes visible.
  • After six weeks, her nipples will also grow considerably. From then on, they are filled with milk.
  • Your cat will want to eat more. Give her enough food, but don’t overfeed her.

Tips to follow:

  • Keep her indoors for the last two weeks of pregnancy to ensure she doesn’t give birth to the kittens elsewhere.
  • Cats should be vaccinated before they get pregnant, to increase the amount of passive protection they pass in the first milk to their kittens.
  • Never vaccinate pregnant cats.
  • Never vaccinate other cats in the house where a pregnant cat lives because live vaccine virus can be shed by vaccinated cats and affect fetuses of the pregnant cat.