Ask the Expert.. May-June 09


Q: My cat Krishna, who is two years old, ate a cockroach recently and had some digestive problem thereafter. Please advice if the problem was due to the cockroach or any other factor. How should I prevent my cat from doing the same in the future? z – Ajesh. V, Malappuram
A: Dr. K. G. Umesh:
Cats are true carnivores (meat eaters) and their diet consisting of small preys such as rodents, birds, fish, reptiles and insects. They generally prey items which are rich in water, protein & fat and low in carbohydrate & ash (minerals) and they have no requirement for plant materials. Hunting is entirely natural for cats and takes place even when they are well fed at home.
There is really no point in trying to punish/correct your cat for hunting as it is part of his nature that is so deeply rooted that to try and eliminate it may cause him a lot of confusion. Playing ‘catching games’ with your cat using toys may help to relieve some of his urge to hunt. It is important to worm your cat regularly, particularly if he hunts. Consult your veterinary surgeon for more advice on worming. As cat’s nutritional needs are different to that of a dog or man, and feeding a high quality, well-balanced commercial cat food (Whiskas) help maintain optimum body weight and condition.