Watch out for signs of sickness


Here are a few signs to know your loved one is not feeling well.

I can make out when my sweet, fluffy, frisky Shitzu – Nikki, doesn’t come out from her royal basket to share morning tea with me or if she doesn’t greet me when I get back home. It means something is wrong with my Nikki.
You need to give your personal observations to your vet for early diagnosis of an illness. Do speak to your vet if you notice the following:

What if my dog…?

  • eats grass
  • vomits
  • refuses to eat
  • is eating too much
  • is eating well but remains very thin
  • is drinking excessively
  • sneezes
  • has a discharge from the nose
  • has a dry and crusty nose
  • has a nose which has turned brown or grey
  • has watery eyes
  • is not able to see
  • is shaking and scratching his ears
  • is breathing abnormally
  • is holding her head towards one side
  • is shedding excessive hair
  • is going bald
  • is scratching repeatedly
  • keeps breaking wind
  • has noisy abdomina sound
  • is biting her tail, scooting or rubbing her bottom on the floor
  • has diarrhoea
  • is passing blood in her faeces
  • is constipated
  • is eating her own faeces
  • is not passing urine
  • is incontinent
  • has a discharge from penis or vulva
  • is found to be pregnant unexpectedly
  • is pot-belied
  • is limping
  • is coughing
  • is eating with difficulty
  • has bad breath
  • is having convulsions, fits or twitching
  • has a lump or swelling
  • is wounded/cut/burnt/grazed
  • is licking herself excessively
  • is weak and lethargic
  • has collapsed and is comatose
  • is in pain
  • is losing weight or looking thin
  • is aggressive
  • is not breathing
  • is staggering and wobbly on her legs
  • appears deaf
  • is aborting
  • is nervous and over-excitable
  • has a depraved appetite
  • is salivating excessively

An observant eye will take you a long way in keeping your pooch healthy.