British Shorthair… Brits sweetheart


British Shorthair cats are real sweethearts…they are simply irresistible. These calm and cute kitties are natural charmers…what make them even more lovable is their full cheeks, giving a chubby-faced ‘Cheshire cat smile’ look. Here’s a bit more about these antique kitties.
Brits rich heritage
The British Shorthair, probably the oldest English breed of cat, traces her ancestry back to the domestic cat of Rome. This breed was first prized for her physical strength and hunting ability, but soon became equally recognized and valued for her calm demeanor, endurance and loyalty to man. Because of her easy-going nature and intelligence, she has become a favourite of animal trainers, for use in Hollywood films and television commercials.
Meow stunners
These cats are of medium to big size, and have stout, muscular, loudly and semi-cobby body. The tail is short and thick. The head is broad and round, without angles; the snout is definite well, with the short, broad and straight nose in line with the firm jaw. The eyes are big, and round, and are of preferably intense copper or orange colour (in some variety, they can be greenish). The mantle is short, dense, compact to the tact, with good subhair, type “plush”. The most known colour of British Shorthair is blue (British Blue), though they can come in all the uniform colours: black, white, chocolate, lilac, red, cream; besides smoke, chinchilla or the two-colour, calico and tabbys (tiger-striped).
British Shorthairs are very affectionate, they quietly follow you from room to room until they can settle contentedly by your side. Gifted with lasting patience and confidence, Brits are especially good with children and other types of pets. They are very balanced, calm and controlled, with a strong and determined personality. They are always in quite control of their environment, supervising everyone and everything that happens in the family. When gracefulness is observed, the British Shorthair is daily embarrassed, quickly recovering with a ‘Cheshire cat smile.’
Natural charmers
These cute and good-looking kitties are blessed with all the looks…that don’t require much of grooming. The coat is short, plush and dense with luxurious feel and the cat can easily look after it herself…so it’s great to pet such kitty charmers.
Loving care

British Shorthairs are very healthy and long-lived. Care must be taken not to allow her become fat. If your cat seems to be heavy, contact your vet.
(Inputs from M V Maria Luisa Lópe, a Medical Veterinarian, member AVEFA (Association Veterinary Specialists in Felines of Argentina), and a breeder of British Shorthair and Nina of Empire of Glamour Cattery, Châteauguay, Qc Canada, the breeders of British Shorthair (blue, cream, lilac, lilac & cream and blue & cream).