Dog training classes… for pettiquettes


You have undoubtedly experienced frustration with your best buddy, from time to time. And, even though you know it’s not always your dog’s fault, blame is easy to cast when your emotion runs high. Behavioural problem with our canine companions is considered to be a common trouble faced by almost every dog owner.

The dog’s mind…

All dogs have evolved from wolves. The dog’s mind is filled with the hierarchy in pack system. The dog will always obey the leader of the pack in which the trainer normally turns to be the leader. Hence it’s very important for the owners to train their dogs.
It is for reasons like these, Dog Training for Owners emphasises training you too. Being your dog’s best friend, you are the best person to teach him because, believe it or not, he wants to please you, and looks at you for guidance. Working closely with your canine companion also strengthens the bond between two of you, which makes communication with him much easier. Before you know it, blame will become a thing of the past.

Dog training for owners…

The key to success in any dog training programme begins with the owner of the dog. Dog Training for Owners knows that each dog is different. Not only do dogs vary in breed, size and age, they are unique individuals with different personalities, energy levels, likes and dislikes, so on…

Obedience training – a must…

Housebreaking… solution at hand

  • get several complaints from the owners that their pup relieves in their absence or in a secluded spot when no one’s watching. Here’s how to handle this situation:
  • Start toilet training as soon as your pup reaches home.
  • Take the pup to the designated place after he wakes up from sleep or after food.
  • Whenever your pup is doing his job at the wrong place, say a loud ‘NO’.
  • Take the pup to where he should do it.
  • Timing is very important; there is no use in pointing at the pee later.
  • Give him a treat if he does his business at the right place. A treat may be anything easily available – a piece of biscuit. Remember treat goes into the mouth while the pup is peeing, not before or later.
  • Do not use that particular treat for anything else.
  • Be patient and positive.

On a continuous practice, the pup understands that if he dirties inside, he gets a ‘NO’. But if he goes outside to pee, he gets a treat. The whole thing looks very simple but needs patience and practice.

Obedience training is very important in dogs. Dog training classes is not only aimed at dogs alone but also lay emphasis on teaching the owner or handler. The dog handler should use the techniques taught as often as possible. If the dog does not obey, he must reinforce his techniques. The dogs and their handlers learn more about each other when they attend the classes together.

What dog training classes teach…

The dog training classes teach them how to work in synchronisation with each other. Dog training classes are considered important because it helps the dog socialise with fellow dogs and the people around. Otherwise, a dog would be barking mad every time the neighbour comes to your door. The six basic instructions are heel, sit, stay, recall, down and close. These instructions are enough to get a dog under control when he is agitated to do something. Hyperactive dogs need these instructions, to prevent themselves from turning the house upside down. Dog training classes lay stress on use of positive training.
Remember, a well-trained pooch implies a happy and well-behaved pooch and a proud pet parent as well.

(Amrut Sridhara Hiranya is a canine behaviourist trained at UnitecAuckland, New Zealand. He runs Dog GuruKull in Bengaluru).